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一生中最重要的人… The Most Important Person in Your Life

事情發生在美國的一所大學. 在快下課時教授對同學們說 :“我和大家做個遊戲,誰願意配合我一下. ”


教授說 :“請在黑板上寫下你難以割捨的二十個人的名字. ”
女生照做了. 有她的鄰居、朋友以、親人等等…

 教授說 :“請你劃掉一個這裏面你認為最不重要的人. ”
女生劃掉了一個她鄰居的名字.  教授又說 :“ 請你再劃掉一個. ”
女生又劃掉了一個她的同事.  教授再說 :“請你再劃掉一個一生中最不重要的人 . ”


教室非常安靜,同學們靜靜的看著教授,感覺這似乎已不再是一個遊戲了.  教授平靜的說 :“請再劃掉一個. ”

 “請再劃掉一個. ” 身邊又傳來了教授的聲音.

緊接著,她哇的一聲哭了,樣子非常痛苦.  教授等她平靜了一下,問道 :“和你最親的人應該是你的父母和你的孩子,因為父母是養育的人,孩子是你親生的,而丈夫是可以重新再尋找的,為什麼丈夫反倒是你最難割捨的人呢? ”  同學們靜靜地看著她,等待著她的回答.
女生平靜而又緩慢地說道 : 

隨著時間的推移,父母會先我而去,孩子長大成人後肯定也會離我而去,真正陪伴我度過一生的只有 我的丈夫
Translated version :
This story happened in a University in the States. In a class the lecturer said to his students : “I have played a game with my family. Who volunteer play it with me now?”
A lady volunteered and walked onto the stage.
The lecturer said : “Please write down 20 names who are related to you on the blackboard.”
The lady did what was told to do. She wrote down the names of her neighbours, friends, relatives, family and etc etc.
Lecturer said : “Now cut off a person’s name whom you think the least important to you.”
The lady cut off a neighbour’s name.
Lecturer then said : “Cut off another one.”
She then cut off a fellow colleague’s name.
Lecturer said again : “Another one please.”
So she cut off another name.
Finally, three names left on the blackboard – her parents’, her husband’s and her son’s.
The classroom was very quiet at that time as the students all know that this is not a game anymore.
The lecturer again said : “Cut off the next name.”
The lady got confused for awhile and struggled to make up her mind.
She then chosed to cut off her parents’.
“Please cut off another name”, the lecturer said.
She was stunned and with much hesitation, she cut off her son’s name.
She couldn’t control herself anymore and burst to tears in front of the class.
The lecturer waited for the lady to calm down and asked : “The most important person to you should be your parents’ as they are the ones who raised you up, your son as he is your biological child, but as for your husband, you can find another husband if this one is not suitable for you. Why do you choose your husband to be the most important person in your life?”
All students remained quiet, waiting for her answer patiently.
The lady calmed down and answered :
“As time goes by, parents will leave me as they age. When my son grows up, he will have his own family and leave me. The real person who will accompany me until the end would only be my husband…”
Treasure and cherish your loved ones now. 

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