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Glutinous Rice Balls = Tang Yuan 汤圆

It’s ‘dong zhi’ (冬至) again. It is a special day in the lunar calendar and to the Chinese, it a day bigger or more important than the Lunar New Year. The main thing that we need to do is to have a big family reunion dinner on this special day. Another significant item (or shall I say, food) related to this special day is the glutinous rice balls (汤圆). I love these colourful 汤圆 very much, specifically those with ‘gula melaka’ fillings. Delicious!
Now get all the ingredients ready – colourful glutinous rice flour dough + ‘gula melaka’
Wrap the ‘gula melaka’ with the dough and shape them into small ball shapes…
Boil the balls in boiling water. Cooked ones will float.
Scoop out the cooked ones and dunk ’em into sweet pandan water… Served hot or chilled! 🙂

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