About dixonthum

Thank you very much for visiting Dixon’s Lifestyle Blog – http://www.dixonthum.com. I started this blog in 2010 but I took a short break in between and I made a comeback in 2022 with more content to share. This serves as a platform where I pen my feelings and share my thoughts about the things I come across and experience; food, recipes for cooking and baking, physical and mental health, fitness, shopping, reading, travel, hotel, fashion, skincare, spa and many more. It almost everything about my life.

A Little About Myself – Dixon Thum

I used to work in the office (from executive to Managerial position) for many years. I then took the leap of faith to become an ACE certified personal trainer and CrossFit coach. No longer coaching, I now enjoy my life more and do the things that I really find pleasure doing like traveling, exploring food and places, trying out new experiences and many more.

In 2018, I was honoured to be invited to talk in TEDx MCKL about health and fitness-related topic, titled “7 Tips to Make Healthier Choices for Busy People”. It was very well received and you can watch it HERE.

If you have anything interesting that you wish to see in my blog, feel free to buzz me.

Happy reading!

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