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Unplug & Reconnect: Kahf Lenggong Outdoor Festival 2023 is Back to Unite Communities through Outdoor Adventure

Lenggong Outdoor Festival 2023 (ODF23), which will take place from 16 – 18 June 2023 at Resort Tasik Raban, Lenggong in Perak, Malaysia, is back this year following its first successful event held in 2022, which attracted over 30 community groups and more than 1,000 active lifestyle enthusiasts from across the country.

Lenggong, also known as “Mini Amazon Malaysia,” is renowned for its stunning landscapes and is once again chosen this year as the main location for a variety of extreme sports that serve to indirectly advance the district’s tourism industry.

YB Datuk Seri Dr. Shamsul Anuar Nasarah, Deputy Home Minister who is also Lenggong Member of Parliament

ODF23 is a uniting medium and platform that combines many elements of life; among others the active-healthy lifestyle, physical and extreme outdoor adventure that best commemorate all range and societies as well as the connected communities which projected to the local economy to boost. ODF23 is a timely event in the efforts to create more positive communities which support each other and the purpose of this festival to be the one with healthy vibes and acceptable
by many,

said YB Datuk Seri Dr. Shamsul Anuar Nasarah, Deputy Home Minister who is also Lenggong Member of Parliament

With the theme “Unplug & Reconnect,” the co-organizers of ODF23, Majlis Daerah Lenggong (MDL) and LOCCO, invite all participants to take advantage of the chance to meet new people and share experiences through a range of organized activities.

More individuals from abroad are anticipated to participate this year, where they can network with locals and celebrate the diversity of interests through a variety of ODF contents like forum sessions, workshops, explorations, and musical performances.

Camping, kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, bridge rappelling, and archery are just some of the activities. This year’s “Merentas Desa” will also feature newly-inaugurated activities like the ODF Ride, Lake Flying Fox, Flatland Skimboarding, and Tree Climbing. A few workshops will also be held, including ones on making organic soap, water safety, ultralight hiking, rope climbing, and handmade paracord.

Sharing sessions and forums, such as Cerita Kedai Kopi, Sembang Bawah Fly, community awareness, and cycling technique workshops, are also planned for ODF23 to spice up the event. Evening performances by gig and local bands like Teman Lelaki, Cisco, Nami, The Mirza, and others will keep attendees entertained.

The most exciting aspect of this year’s ODF edition is the festival’s collaboration with the Jakarta-based Kahf brand, which has since changed its name to “KAHF LENGGONG OUTDOOR FESTIVAL 2023.”

Men’s personal care and grooming company Kahf offers a variety of halal goods, including facial washes, EDTs, moisturisers, and beard treatments. The brand constantly strives to prioritise quality in support of men’s active lifestyles with a mild formulation and a contemporary image to awaken functional, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

In an effort to reach Kahf users and introduce the Kahf product line through outdoor activities and today’s active lifestyle, Kahf is participating as the main sponsor of the event.

This year’s ODF23, which aims to attract more than 1,500 participants, is supported by more than 35 community groups, including ANBOT, HAUSBOOM, BOOM+, Lost World of Tambun, and Kembara Meals. Additionally, RNR Adventures, Skycamp, Santrav, Rileklah, Pretty World, 30 Ascend, Project Vacation, Santrav, Tanjak, Decathlon, and Nomadism are among strategic partners.

Tickets can still be purchased. Through our official website,, ticket purchases can be made by those who are interested in outdoor activities. Participants could also learn more about ODF23 by keeping up with their social media updates below:
Instagram: @outdoorfestmy
Twitter : @outdoorfestmy
Facebook :

Catch the highlights of the Lenggong Outdoor Festival 2022 here:

About Kahf
Kahf is a halal and nature-inspired men’s skincare brand that always strives to prioritise quality in supporting men’s active lifestyles. As a brand, Kahf carries #JalanYangKuPilih has a tagline to show commitment in spreading positive influences that can accompany men in every path he chooses to become better human beings and benefit those around them. As a brand that supports men’s activities, Kahf also continues to collaborate with various men’s lifestyle communities to jointly spread goodness according to the path they choose.


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Singing Bowl Therapy Relaxes the Body and Soul – Now in Pavilion KL

Singing bowl therapy, a kind of sound therapy is well-known for its powerful healing and relaxation effects. Each vibration realigns our body functions back to its optimum level. It is somehow a kind of meditation too, where our mind becomes clearer, relaxed and mindful after each session.

I am glad that I had a treatment session with Michelle from @bmicnailspasalon, located in the Beauty Hall, Level 7, #PavilionKL. Michelle is a certified singing bowl therapist.

The 1-hour plus session has given me an opportunity to feel completely relaxed. As I have been working long hours sitting, I do have some discomfort at my upper and lower back. After the treatment, I can feel that the muscle tension loosen and becomes less tight.

Michelle is really professional at her work as she tries to find out what kind of problem I had before starting the treatment so that she knows where to put more focus on.

So if you’re facing issues like lack of sleep/rest, tight muscles, indigestion, or other issues, I would suggest to inform Michelle first so that she knows where to focus on during the treatment.

After my treatment, I did feel very thirsty and urge to go to the toilet as I needed to flush out toxins from my body system. Isn’t that amazing how singing bowl therapy works?

bmic Nail Spa Salon is also a place for manicure-pedicure services for ladies and men who groom. I am looking forward to my next appointment here with Michelle soon. I am going to try their mani-pedi service. And that would be my first ever 😉

For more info, check out @bmicnailspasalon and PM them for an appointment.

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Giveaway: All-in-one skincare solution – teinei ONE from Japan


As a loyal user of @teinei_japan, I am sharing this great skincare product with one (1) lucky follower. Good things are meant to be shared.

I have been using teinei for a few months and my skin condition amazingly improved, becoming more nourished and hydrated.

This ALL-IN-ONE; toner, moisturizer, emulsion and serum, is made of natural ingredients from Japan like sakura, yuzu, rice lees and sage. These ingredients are great to preserve moisture on the skin, prevent dryness and deep moisturization.

To join this giveaway:
1. Must follow @dixonthum and @teinei_japan on IG.
2. Comment “teinei ONE” and tag a friend.
3. For BONUS entry, share this post on your IGS to increase chances of winning. Remember to tag us.

🔸Open to those residing in Malaysia only.
🔸Giveaway ends on 29 May 2022, 23:59.
🔸Winner will be announced on 30 May 2022.
🍀Good luck!

🛒 teinei is available on Shopee and Lazada or CLICK HERE

Read my previous review about this product HERE

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Stay Fresh & Confident with Adidas UEFA 8 fragrance – Eau De Parfum

Being someone who juggles between work and active lifestyle, it’s very important for me to stay fresh and confident always.

Adidas UEFA 8 fragrance – Eau De Parfum keeps me feeling fresh with its long lasting elevated scent, boosting my confidence wherever I go. Love the hint of woody aromatic fragrance it carries.

Get yours now from Watsons, ADIDAS Eau De Parfum UEFA 8 100ml:

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ADIDAS, My Choice for Personal Hygiene

Being someone who loves exercising, it is very important for me to keep myself fresh, hygienic and presentable all the time.

I use ADIDAS Deodorant Body Spray (Cool) before working out for 48-hour enduring fragrance with fresh aromatic masculine scent and cooling sensation.

After working out, ADIDAS Shower Gel which is dermatologically-tested, suitable for active skin like mine to keep my skin fresh and hydrated.

Get yours now from:
🔹Adidas Shower Gel UEFA:

🔹ADIDAS Deodorant Spray UEFA 8 Cool:

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