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World Asthma Day to Raise Awareness on Managing Asthma in Malaysia

Asthma is one of the most prevalent respiratory illnesses in Malaysia and has been steadily increasing. In Malaysia, the estimated prevalence of asthma has risen in recent years from 6.4% to 9.4% in children aged 6-7 and from 9% to 13% in children aged 13–14.¹

Asthma Malaysia and AstraZeneca have once again partnered to organise the brand-new “Breathe Better” public campaign at the 1 Mont Kiara mall, in conjunction with World Asthma Day, in light of the rising number of asthma patients in Malaysia and the growing need to educate the public on asthma management.

The purpose of the event was to raise public awareness of the importance of managing asthma well. Dr. Helmy Haja Mydin, a consultant respiratory physician and co-founder of Asthma Malaysia, Dina Nadzir, a Malaysian singer, radio hostess, actress, and television presenter, and Ashwini Saha, a country medical director and the lead for AstraZeneca’s Asia Area Cardiovascular Metabolism Medical Therapeutic Area, officiated the ceremony.

Take Control of Your Asthma
With the theme ‘Take Control of Your Asthma’, the campaign’s goal was to inform participants of the value of using controller medication in addition to reliever medication to manage and treat asthma symptoms over the long term.

It is crucial to increase the knowledge and awareness of the public on how to manage asthma. Getting diagnosed early is vital in order to prevent attacks that can be both disabling and draining. Early and proper control with appropriate medication will not only prevent severe illness, but improve one’s quality of life especially in the face of haze and ongoing risks of respiratory infections. This campaign also serves as an opportunity for healthcare professionals and individuals with asthma to come together and share their experiences and insights with the aim of improving asthma care and management in Malaysia.

said Dr. Helmy in the Breathe Better campaign.

Asthma can be classified as mild, moderate and severe. Patients would need a range of medication types and dosages to control their condition, depending on its severity. In terms of managing asthma, each level calls for a different kind of care. Even when they are skilled at using the inhaler correctly, patients with severe asthma need extra care because they are more likely to experience frequent asthma attacks.

Dr. Helmy indicates that there is still little public knowledge of the three different degrees of severity. It is crucial to keep in mind that most asthma sufferers who receive the proper inhaled therapy can lead normal lives. There are more personalized options available for a smaller subset of patients with severe asthma, but these will need to be modified based on each patient’s needs.

In Malaysia, there were 1,700 cases of asthma-related deaths in 2014. However, according to experts, the vast majority of asthma-related deaths can be prevented with timely and effective treatment.²

World Asthma Day 2023
The World Asthma Day 2023 celebration at 1 Mont Kiara included educational games and an exhibition that highlights important educational messages about asthma, providing a crucial forum for the general public to better comprehend and acquire first-hand knowledge of this respiratory disease. In order to keep the younger attendees interested, the event also featured interactive gaming booths, a colouring competition, and sessions on asthma sharing by local artist Dina. Over the course of two days, there were about 1,200 attendees at the event.

The event was held on 6-7 May 2023. Visit for more details.

About Breathe Better
The Breathe Better campaign educates the public on how to manage asthma effectively in order to reduce complications and enhance people’s quality of life. Its slogan, “Take Control of Your Asthma,” highlights the necessity for each patient to take charge of their asthma and understand what the best course of action is for them.

About Asthma Malaysia
Asthma Malaysia is a non-profitable organisation whose goals are to educate the public about asthma, promote the highest standards of care, and give patients the tools they need to manage their condition.

The goal of Asthma Malaysia is to become the leading portal for asthma in Malaysia by empowering and educating patients. In order to reduce the suffering and fatalities linked to it, we strive to ensure that asthma care in Malaysia is on par with the best in the world.

We want to develop into a group that actively conducts research and runs promotional campaigns to raise awareness of asthma in Malaysia.

1) Dinglasan JL, Tang LY, Chong MC, Al Raimi AM. Asthma prevalence and the relationship between level of knowledge and quality of life among asthmatic schoolchildren in Malaysia. Saudi Med J. 2022 Jan;43(1):113-116. doi: 10.15537/smj.2022.43.1.20210211. PMID: 35022293; PMCID: PMC9280567.
2) The Borneo Post. (2022, June 7). Public awareness key to effective control of asthma. Retrieved from

Also check out info about World Asthma Day 2022

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ChatGPT and Beyond: Examining 6 Effects of AI Language Models

ChatGPT is an AI language model that has been designed to understand and generate human-like language. The technology behind ChatGPT is impressive, but some users are worried about the risks and unfavourable effects of using such a strong tool. Here, we shall discuss about 6 issues and worries related to ChatGPT that people have.

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1. Privacy
One of the main issues about ChatGPT is privacy. ChatGPT processes and stores a tonne of user interaction data, including personal data. Because this data can be sensitive, some users might be worried that their communications with ChatGPT could be accessed by unauthorized parties or used against them.

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2. Security Concerns
Meanwhile, another concern is security. Because ChatGPT stores and processes sensitive data, it may be susceptible to hacker attacks or other security lapses. These dangers might get worse as ChatGPT processes more data and as more people use the technology.

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3. Fraud and Misuse of Information
Another issue is fraudulent users using ChatGPT. Some are concerned, for instance, that those with access to ChatGPT could use it to spread misinformation or propaganda or for other nefarious purposes. There may be serious repercussions for specific people, entire communities, and even entire nations.

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4. Ethical considerations
Ethical considerations are also a concern. The ethical ramifications of using ChatGPT and other AI language models are still being discussed. Some people are concerned that these technologies could be used against people, especially those in vulnerable populations. For instance, ChatGPT might be applied to discriminate against particular groups or perpetuate negative stereotypes.

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5. Lack of Control and Transparency
In addition, some people might feel uneasy about ChatGPT’s lack of transparency and control over the decision-making process. ChatGPT, a machine learning algorithm, bases its judgements on intricate mathematical models that are not always obvious to users. This might make people wonder how decisions are made and who is ultimately in charge of the results.

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6. Unintended Consequences
Lastly, unintended consequences are a worry. Because ChatGPT and other AI language models are built to learn from the data they are trained on, it is possible that they unintentionally acquire biases or continue harmful stereotypes. For those who are adversely affected by these biases, whether as individuals or as a group, this could have significant repercussions.

Using ChatGPT and other AI language models has a lot of potential benefits despite these worries and I have talked about this in my previous blogpost.

It is crucial to establish suitable safeguards and laws in order to reduce the potential risks and adverse effects of using ChatGPT. For instance, there might be specifications for user consent, data security and privacy, and decision-making transparency. Researchers and ChatGPT developers should also keep a close eye on potential unintended consequences and biases and take appropriate action to address them.

In conclusion, there are many potential advantages to using AI language models like ChatGPT, even though there are valid concerns. It is crucial to carefully consider the potential consequences of using such potent technology and establish suitable safeguards and regulations in order to make sure that the risks are appropriately mitigated. It is entirely up to us to exercise caution and responsibility whenever we are online.

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Unlocking 6 Benefits of ChatGPT: Enhancing Workplace Communication, Automation, and Insights

The launch of ChatGPT has generated a lot of noise, with both supporters and critics expressing their opinions. However, regardless of personal views, ChatGPT is now a reality and has become an integral part of our daily lives. Let us explore about some of the benefits that ChatGPT brings to us and our work.

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1. Enhancing Workplace Communication and Efficiency with ChatGPT’s AI Language Model
ChatGPT can benefit individuals in a variety of ways at work because it is an AI language model. Deep learning neural networks that have been trained using an immense amount of linguistic data form the basis of ChatGPT’s technology. This means that ChatGPT is a useful tool for people who want to communicate more effectively and efficiently because it can recognize and process human language in a way that is natural and intuitive.

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2. ChatGPT’s Advantage in Delivering Technical and Specialized Information
One of ChatGPT’s key advantages is its capacity to deliver prompt and precise responses to inquiries. People who work in technical or specialized fields, where there may be a lot of jargon and specialized terminology that can be challenging to understand, will find this to be especially helpful. By offering definitions or explanations of difficult concepts, ChatGPT can help, saving people time and aggravation. For people who want to stay current with the most recent advancements in their field, ChatGPT can also offer insights into industry trends and best practices.

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3. Effortless Text Generation: Using ChatGPT at Work to Write Reports and Summaries
ChatGPT can also help people at work by producing text for them. This can range from summaries and meeting minutes to reports and articles. For instance, ChatGPT can assist a person who needs to write a report but is experiencing writer’s block by generating a rough draught or outlining important points. Similar to this, ChatGPT can quickly produce a succinct summary that encapsulates the key points of a lengthy document or presentation.

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4. Communication Simplified by ChatGPT’s Assistance with Email, Inquiry, and Social Media Post Drafting
ChatGPT can also be useful in facilitating communication. For instance, it can assist with the drafting of emails, inquiries, and social media posts. By creating agendas or suggesting topics for discussion, it can even aid in meeting preparation. This can be especially useful for people who might have trouble writing or who are short on time.

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5. Boosting Productivity with ChatGPT’s Automation of Repetitive Tasks
The ability of ChatGPT to increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks is an additional advantage. This includes activities like scheduling or data entry. For instance, ChatGPT enables users to schedule reminders for upcoming meetings or deadlines or to organize their calendars. By automatically populating fields based on specific criteria or by highlighting errors or inconsistencies, it can also help with data entry.

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6. Data-Driven Insights: ChatGPT’s Assistance in Making Informed Business Decisions
ChatGPT can make insightful suggestions based on data analysis. People who work in industries like marketing, finance, or business analytics can benefit the most from this. In order to make recommendations, ChatGPT can assist in finding patterns or trends in data sets. People who need to make well-informed business decisions based on data-driven insights may find this to be of particular use.

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In conclusion, ChatGPT is a strong tool that can benefit users at work in a number of different ways. ChatGPT can help people in being more effective and productive at work by answering questions with speed and accuracy, generating text, and facilitating communication. It can also assist people in making wise business decisions by automating monotonous tasks and offering insights and suggestions based on data analysis. There will probably be more workplace uses for ChatGPT as the underlying technology develops. This is because ChatGPT is a very potent AI language model.

Personally, I believe that if you haven’t used ChatGPT yet, you’re already a step behind. Whether we like it or not, ChatGPT has integrated itself into our daily lives. Instead of fearing it will overpower us, why not embrace it with an open mind and see how it can enhance our work. Let me know your thoughts about ChatGPT and how it affect you or your work.

Anyway, I’ll look at the other side of the argument by outlining some of the objections to ChatGPT that people have as of right now in my next blogpost. Are you ready for it?

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Help Saving Our Terrapins with Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS)

Photo credit: Get Outdoors Nevada

Did you know that reptiles in the order Testudines, such as terrapins, turtles, and tortoises, are all different from one another in terms of their appearance, habitats, behaviours, and diets? Many of us do now know about the differences among these animals. Hence, let me share with you some of the key variations:

Physical Features
Terrapins typically have a flattened shell, webbed feet, and are small in size. On the other hand, turtles have a more rounded shell and feet with claws or flippers that are designed for swimming in rivers and oceans. Tortoises have feet made for walking on land and a high-domed shell.

Estuaries, swamps, and marshes are among the brackish water habitats where terrapins are most frequently found. Turtles can be found in both freshwater and saltwater environments, including lakes, rivers, and oceans. On land, tortoises can be found in arid environments like savannas, deserts, and other dry areas.

Terrapins are omnivores and consume a variety of foods, including plants, insects, and crustaceans. Although some species of turtles are solely herbivorous or carnivorous, all turtles are omnivores. Herbivorous tortoises eat cacti, grasses, and leaves.

Terrapins can live in groups and are typically more social than turtles. Turtles may only gather together during mating season because they tend to be more solitary. Tortoises are solitary creatures who prefer to spend most of their time in the sun.

Terrapins are small aquatic turtles that inhabit habitats with brackish water. Both freshwater and saltwater habitats are home to turtles, which are bigger than terrapins. The largest of the three, tortoises inhabit dry habitats on land.

Turtle Conservation Effort in Malaysia
For your information, Malaysia is home to several species of sea turtles, tortoises and terrapins, including the green turtle, hawksbill turtle, and olive ridley turtle. Threats to these turtles include habitat loss, pollution, poaching, and unintentional entanglement in fishing nets are some major issues we are facing. Numerous NGO organizations and governmental organizations in Malaysia are engaged in turtle conservation initiatives to address these threats and safeguard turtle populations. Here are a few instances:

Department of Fisheries Malaysia
The Department of Fisheries Malaysia is responsible for managing and conserving the country’s marine resources, including sea turtles. In order to protect sea turtles, the department has put in place a number of strategies, such as the creation of marine protected areas, the enforcement of fishing laws, and the tracking of turtle populations.

The research group SEATRU (Sea Turtle Research Unit) is based at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and focuses on sea turtle conservation in Malaysia. SEATRU works with government organisations to implement conservation measures, conducts research on turtle populations and behaviour, and engages in community outreach and education.

Wildlife and their habitats are protected in Malaysia by the WWF-Malaysia organisation. The group runs a number of initiatives aimed at protecting sea turtles, such as monitoring turtle populations, assisting nesting grounds, and collaborating with regional groups to lessen threats to turtles.

Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia
The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles in Malaysia. The group works with nearby communities to promote turtle conservation, runs a turtle hatchery, and studies turtle populations.

I am glad that I have had a great experience volunteering for TCS back in 2018 in one of their programs in Kuala Lumpur. From then onwards, I have been a supporter of this society, by making frequent donations and terrapin adoptions to help them in their effort to preserve the population of freshwater turtles.

About Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS)
The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) was established out of necessity in 2011 when co-founders Drs. Chan Eng Heng and Chen Pelf Nyok realised that despite the country’s home to 18 native species of tortoises and freshwater turtles, there was no organisation or agency in charge of them.

TCS is the first non-profit, non-governmental organization in Malaysia devoted to the preservation of freshwater turtles. Through collaborations with other like-minded organizations, people, and local communities as well as through its own programs, the Society seeks to restore Malaysia’s declining wild turtle populations, with a focus on freshwater turtles.

About Executive Director, Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok

Dr. Pelf is the co-founder and Executive Director of TCS. She receives the country of Malaysia’s first doctorate in the study of non-marine turtles. The distribution, biology, and ecology of freshwater turtles are some of her areas of interest in research. She oversees a neighborhood-based terrapin conservation project in Kg. Pasir Gajah, Kemaman, and was just given the Commonwealth Points of Light by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of her work on behalf of turtle conservation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group (TFTSG) counts her as a member.

I knew Dr. Pelf from the event I joined previously and been keeping contact with her since. She is such a humble and friendly person. And her dedication and passion towards helping the terrapins and preserving their population are exceptionally high and exemplary. Dr. Pelf, I wish you all the very best in your continuous effort. You have my support!

About Scientific Officer, Aminah bt. Madi

Aminah graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2022. Before receiving her first job offer as a Scientific Officer, she first joined TCS as an intern. She is eager to find out more information about turtle conservation. She works with university lecturers and students to plan, carry out, and support research projects. She is also committed to educating and inspiring the next generation about the value of freshwater turtles and the ways in which we can protect them.

Adopt A Terrapin NOW!
Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) carries out a River Terrapin Conservation Project in the Kemaman River, Terengganu. A large number of river terrapin eggs are secured for incubation through the completion of this project and cooperation with the neighbourhood communities. The hatchlings of river terrapins are raised for four to five months after their emergence before being allowed to return to the river.

The river terrapins are available for adoption each year as part of our fundraising efforts. Each terrapin adoption costs RM35 (or US$10), and you will receive a unique Certificate of Adoption in addition to an official tax-deductible receipt. Choosing a name for your adopted terrapin is also encouraged! River terrapin conservation projects will be carried out in the future using all of the funds raised through the Terrapin Adoption Program.

I have participated in this program twice and here are the Certificate of Adoption that I have received from my previous adoptions:

I named my adopted terrapins Max and Alex. I just adopted another one today and I named it Petra. By the way, this Terrapin Adoption Program is a symbolic gesture in an effort to raise funds for turtle conservation in Malaysia. Adopters do NOT get to bring home a terrapin. And at the end of the day, ALL terrapins will be released into the river, regardless of whether they get adopted or not.

Some Other Ways to Support Turtle Conservation Society (TCS)
Join As A Member
As a TCS member, you will be a part of an exciting partnership that contributes to the protection and conservation of turtles in Malaysia. You may also participate in all the outreach activities that the Society carries out at a discounted rate; and automatically receive newsletters as well as updates from the field. Members are also entitled to a special discount on selected exclusive turtle-themed merchandise. Join now!

I signed up as a Life Member since May 2020. Wow! It’s been 3 years.

Your donations would benefit the river terrapins, school kids and the local villagers. It could be used to help defray the cost of some bills (water, electricity at the hatchery), or it could also be used to sponsor a Turtle Awareness Program. Workshops with the villagers’ women could be organised with the help of donations. These activities enable the women to develop their skills and earn a living while also increasing their capacity.

Buy Merchandise from Online Store and Shopee Store
What better way to raise awareness about turtle conservation than to include it in something that they can share with large numbers of people worldwide? Because their products are made by the local women of Kg. Pasir Gajah, you directly support them when you shop at TCS (especially when you purchase their batik products).

Find out more ways to help Turtle Conservation Society (TCS) via their social media:
Official Website:

*Photo credit: Some photos are taken from TCS website and should be credited to the rightful owner(s).

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Healthy Potato Recipe – Honey Mustard & Herb Scallop U.S. Potatoes

I was looking through the U.S. Potatoes website for some interesting recipes when I came across this one – Honey Mustard & Herb Scallop U.S. Potatoes by Consultant Dietitian Indra Balaratnam. It is a low-fat dish made with thinly sliced U.S. Russet Potatoes and a flavorful herb cream sauce. It is made with U.S. Russet Potatoes, vegetable broth, low-fat milk, honey, fresh tarragon herb, butter, onion, and pinches of salt and pepper. Per serving, it only has 4g of fat and 164 kCal overall.

You may check out the wholesome recipe from this link : By the way, each click increases my chance of winning a token from U.S. Potatoes. I really appreciate your help, guys! So start clicking away!

Wholesome goodness of U.S. Potatoes

I enjoy potato dishes a lot personally. For good reason, potatoes are an appreciated staple food in countries worldwide. In particular, U.S. Potatoes are delicious, extremely versatile, and packed with nutrients. There are plenty of ways to prepare and eat this nutrient-dense vegetable, from baked potatoes to mashed potatoes and everything in between.

The fact that U.S. Potatoes are a healthier option is one of their main advantages. They are the perfect food for you who are seeking to maintain a healthy diet because they are free of cholesterol, sodium, and fat. They are a low-calorie food that can help in weight management because each serving only has 110 calories, which is approximately the same as a medium-sized potato.

U.S. Potatoes are not only low in calories but also higher in energy than any other popular vegetable. About 30% of your daily value of vitamin C, which is crucial for boosting the immune system of the body, can be found in a medium-sized U.S. Potato. Our immune systems can be naturally strengthened by vitamin C, which can help us fight off illnesses like the common cold.

Vitamin B6, which is crucial for healthy cell function, is another impressive nutrient found in U.S. Potatoes. 10% of the recommended daily value of vitamin B6 is found in one medium potato. A critical component of metabolism, the production of blood cells, and cell health is played by vitamin B6. Additionally, each serving of potatoes contains 3 grams of plant-based protein, an essential component of muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues.

Potassium, a mineral that is essential to many bodily processes, is another nutrient that can be found in abundance in U.S. Potatoes. A medium-sized potato, including the skin, has 620 milligrams of potassium per serving, which is 15% higher than a medium-sized banana. Potassium supports healthy hydration levels, controls blood pressure, and supports healthy muscle and nerve function.

U.S. Potatoes are extremely versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways. They offer countless cooking options for meals, including baking, steaming, boiling, frying, and grilling. U.S. Potatoes are a delicious and wholesome addition to any meal, whether they are served as a side dish, the main course, or in a salad.

I really like how versatile, tasty, and nutrient-dense potatoes are—they have lots of advantages for your health. They are a high-nutrient food that is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol and high in vitamins, minerals, and plant-based protein. U.S. Potatoes are a great option whether you want to enhance your general health or just enjoy a delicious meal.

For more fun facts and interesting recipes of U.S. Potatoes, check out:
Official website: