Muallaf Gala Premiere

Won 4 tickets from AMBP (Thanks Michael!) to the Gala Premiere of Muallaf. Waited so long for it to show in Malaysia. Finally the wait was worth it!
Our tickets…
It was such a surprise that a Meet-and-Greet session was arranged for us with the cast of the film. It was too sad that Yasmin couldn’t join us. I’m sure she’ll be too happy to know that we are all here to support her hard work… Thanks Yasmin for the great movie…
A blur picture taken with Brian Yap… A newcomer with massive potential… I do look forward for more of your work! 🙂
OMG! I was flanked between two Sharifah’s!!! Sharifah Armani and Sharifah Aleysha… woot… Armani has always been a great actress since ‘Sepet’ while Aleysha in ‘Mukhsin’
Dear Sharifah’s, if both of you happen to come across my blog, what I would want you gals to know is — Never stop making great films. Not only you speak for yourselves in the movies, you also speak for us in your own perculiar way… Job well done!
Dear Yasmin, you will always be missed… deeply…

Sumimasen,Love 對不起,我愛你


昨晚看了它… 很有感覺。覺得這部電影拍攝手法和蔡明亮導演的《黑眼圈》有相同。林宥賢導演都喜歡放大每個畫面。讓觀衆看到地點的背景,演員的表情還有物体的細節。兩位男女主角都很用心的去完成這部電影。很喜歡他們在戯裏面的投入,交流,感情和表達方式。兩個人的感情很重,但又不深。所以兩人離開對方時,都可以感應到他們的不捨,但又可以體諒到他們的處境。很矛盾卻很倔強。


PS : 吳懷中(男主角)看起來好像我一位朋友 – Jeff @ 阿豹。不相信?看看吧…




明星臉指數: 80% (你們說?)


Who Wants to be “The Reader”?

One word to describe it – BRILLIANT! I love the storyline, the performers, the plots, the sceneries, the meaning behind the story, the passion, the love, the feeling amongst human, the sacrifice, the dilemma, the doubt, the confussion, the willingness to accept, the willingness to give… (the list will go on…) Frankly speaking, I was first attracted to watch this film because of Kate Winslet’s winning of her first Oscar. I was wondering how did she potray herself in this movie. I was not a fan of hers even after watching Titanic because I thought her performance in Titanic was not that worth mentioning, although she did earned a nomination for the role as Rose. After approximately 11 years after Titanic, I gave it a chance to see how good can she be or how has she improved. And what else can I say?! She’s a great actress. To me, she learns her role perfectly and she knows what is necessary for the movie and what’s not. I am talking about the nude scenes in the movie. I’ve seen movie actresses baring themselves just for the sake of baring, but Kate is different. There is a need for her to bare in this movie to show the intimacy between Hanna (potrayed by Kate) and the young Michael (potrayed by David Kross). I would not want to highlight her nude scenes as they were not the main essence of the movie. The best part that I liked most which she’s successfully carried out was when she was in the court admitting that she was the one who wrote the letter and also the twist when she learned how to write and read later on in the story. Marvellous plot! It was very dramatic and surprising enough to me as I thought that she was the person who actually wrote the letter earlier on shown in the movie. Sorry for this spoiler but it was meaningful enough to me which worth a mention here. I guess for those who are still wondering if this movie is really that good or not? Well, watch it to get the answer.

《愛的發聲練習》- 什麽是愛?

剛剛看完《愛的發聲練習》, 留下了一個沒答案的疑問 – 什麽是愛?
小貓(徐熙媛飾) 最愛的還是小古(張孝全飾)嗎?
小貓到最後都是和阿良(彭于晏飾) 搬走了。是因爲他真的愛阿良所以就一起搬走的嗎?還是爲了要逃避小古?
Sunshine (東明相飾) 願意為小貓付出一份純純的愛。那, 就會得到回報嗎?
Do. 我覺得愛一個人, 是一直付出… 不斷的付出才對。
Re. 愛就是愛。沒有什麽答案的。
Mi. 只要相信,就會存在… 

From a Slumdog to a Millionaire

I have finally watched the much talked about film, "Slumdog Millionaire" yesterday. Generally, the movie is about a young man called Jamal trying to get out of his poor life by participating in the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game show (India version). But the main point which brought him into the game show was purely, LOVE. He wanted to get a better life for himself and his loved one, Latika. As usual, I would not want to elaborate further on the story plots here. I will be talking about my feelings after watching this film, like how I’ve been doing for other movies.
In the movie, there are a lot of beautiful scenes of India, the beautiful side and the ugly ones as well. I’m not sure if India is really that dirty and muddy but it sure gives an exposure to those who have not been to India of how India looks like. The main idea of what I’ve got from this movie is that everyone desires a better life. The way to success is all around us, like how Jamal got all his answers right in the game show. It’s just that if you are smart enough to grab every opportunities to reach success.