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United Against Lupus: #UnlockingLupus for a Stronger Support System in Malaysia

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), also known as lupus, is a chronic autoimmune disease1 that requires a lifelong struggle for those who have it. Despite the fact that there are 43 cases of lupus per 100,000 people in Malaysia,2 the disease is underdiagnosed, leaving lupus patients and their caregivers to fight the disease alone. The Malaysian SLE Association (PSLEM) and the Malaysian Society of Rheumatology (MSR) have teamed up with AstraZeneca to launch #UnlockingLupus, a public awareness campaign aimed at promoting early diagnosis and lupus awareness.

The #UnlockingLupus campaign was launched in conjunction with World Lupus Day, and it was officiated by Dr. Izzuna Mudla Mohamed Ghazali, Deputy Director, Malaysian Health Technology Assessment Section, Medical Development Division, Ministry of Health. Also present were Dr. Heselynn Hussein, President of the Malaysian SLE Association, Dr. Syahrul Sazliyana, UKM Rheumatologist and a representative of the Malaysian Society of Rheumatology, and Bernice Chan, Chief Marketing Officer of AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca is supporting a microsite that was specifically created for the #UnlockingLupus campaign and is located at The microsite acts as a one-stop resource for information on lupus, offering the general public resources for everything from diagnosis to treatment.

From the physical symptoms to the emotional struggles that come with having lupus, it is a constant battle for patients with lupus, their caregivers and loved ones. We believe the best way to support them is to spread awareness through this collaborative campaign that shares more insights on lupus, and how the public can support the patients and caregivers.

said Dr Heselynn Hussein, President of the Malaysian SLE Association

Dr. Heselynn asserts that PSLEM offers an SLE fund to which patients can apply for assistance. Lupus cannot be cured, but with the right care and support, the condition can be controlled. The available treatments help manage the “butterfly” flares while ensuring minimal organ damage, depending on the type and severity of symptoms.

As part of its ongoing efforts to educate the public about lupus, PSLEM organised the “Walk-a-Payung for Lupus” event in conjunction with the recent World Lupus Day on May 10 with the help of AstraZeneca. The walk with umbrellas serves as a metaphor for the support and safety lupus patients need, as well as the effects lupus has on parents and their support network.

Our aim is to help patients be heard and supported in this silent battle. Living with lupus is challenging as it takes a toll on the body and mind. With the campaign microsite, we invite everyone to learn more about lupus, where a diagnosis can be
challenging as the symptoms are often hidden away.

said Dr Syahrul Sazliyana, UKM Rheumatologist and a representative of the Malaysian Society of Rheumatology

Speaking from the perspective of a lupus patient, 66-year-old Jean Chan indicated that lupus has taught her to be resilient. She has lived with lupus for the past 29 years. The constant support, encouragement, care, and love given to the patient is the most crucial element in helping them overcome their negative feelings about having this debilitating illness.

Many living with lupus face challenges with diagnosis, unpredictable disease flares and limited care options. Globally, lupus places a heavy physical, emotional and financial burden on the 5 million people living with the condition. At AstraZeneca, we are working towards a future where people living with lupus have access to quality care. This goal is being advanced through scientific innovation, stronger collaboration with the lupus community, and an increased focus on health equity.

explained Bernice Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, AstraZeneca

Bernice added that their goal is to collaborate with associations using a partnership-driven strategy to educate the public about this chronic illness, encourage early diagnosis, and encourage treatment seeking. Together, they can work to raise the bar for treatment and ultimately help people with lupus live more fully.

Lupus is a chronic illness that can be managed with effective care and a positive environment. Visit for more information about lupus.

Malaysian SLE Organisation (PSLEM)
PSLEM is a non-profit charitable organisation. It was set up in 1994 by doctors and patients to support people living with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and to also promote public understanding of SLE and related Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD).

Malaysian Society of Rheumatology (MSR)
MSR is a professional society for rheumatologists in Malaysia, that aims to promote the growth of rheumatology as a specialty, improve the state of management of rheumatic diseases, and drive awareness for arthritis awareness among professionals and the public.

AstraZeneca (LSE/STO/Nasdaq: AZN) is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialisation of prescription medicines in Oncology, Rare Diseases and BioPharmaceuticals, including Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism, and Respiratory & Immunology. Based in Cambridge, UK, AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. Please visit and follow the Company on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

About SLE
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
SLE is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body.3 It is a chronic and complex disease with a variety of clinical manifestations that can impact many organs and can cause a range of symptoms, including pain, rashes, fatigue, and swelling in joints and fevers.4 Approximately half of all patients with SLE will have some form of organ damage within 10 years of their diagnosis caused by the disease or existing treatments, which exacerbates symptoms and increases the risk of mortality.3,5,6

1. American College of Rheumatology. Guidelines for referral and management of systemic lupus erythematosus in adults. Arthritis & Rheumatology. 1999; 42: 1785-1796.
2. Chai, H. K., Phipps, M. E., & Chua, K. H. (2012). Genetic Risk Factors of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in the Malaysian Population: A Minireview. Clinical & Developmental Immunology, 2012, 1.
3. Bruce IN, et al. Factors associated with damage accrual in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: results from the systemic lupus international collaborating Clinics (SLICC) inception cohort. Ann Rheum Dis. 2015; 74: 1706-1713
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5. Segura BT, et al. Damage accrual and mortality over long-term follow-up in 300 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in a multi-ethnic British cohort. Rheumatol. 2020; 59 (3): 524-533.
6. Chambers SA, et al. Damage and mortality in a group of British patients with systemic lupus erythematosus followed up for over 10 years. Rheumatol. 2009; 48: 673-675.

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Turkish Cuisine Week – An International Celebration of Türkiye’s Ancient and Sustainable Culinary Tradition

H.E Emir Salim Yüksel, Ambassador of Türkiye to Kuala Lumpur

I am so honoured to be invited to the exclusive dinner event held by Ambassador Emir Salim Yüksel for Malaysian chefs and members of the media last Friday in conjunction with Turkiye Cuisine Week (21-27 May 2023).

One with H.E Emir Salim Yüksel, Ambassador of Türkiye to Kuala Lumpur

I had the opportunity to sample the regional cuisine of Hatay, one of the cities in the gastronomy field of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, during the dinner event last Friday, which was held at the Ambassador’s official residence here, through a demonstration session by renowned Turkish chef, Chef Turgay Gündodu.

H.E Emir Salim Yüksel, Ambassador of Türkiye to Kuala Lumpur is in a conversation with Members of the Media

The annual Turkish Cuisine Week, which takes place from May 21 to 27, is an international celebration of Turkish cuisine, which has traces of many different civilizations and is fueled by a fertile geography and a rich history. The regional cuisine of Hatay, which has been named the “26th Gastronomy City of the World” by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, will receive special attention during the second edition of Turkish Cuisine Week. The Turkish Cuisine Week will also highlight Turkish food culture’s commitment to sustainable and zero-waste production practices.

Turkish Cuisine Week is coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Türkiye. The diplomatic missions of Türkiye throughout the world organised a variety of events and social media campaigns to highlight the distinctive flavours of Hatay cuisine.

The international events for Turkish Cuisine Week this year include a special menu featuring flavours from Hatay cuisine. One of the Turkish cities that stands out for its unique cuisine is Hatay, which is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the culinary arts. High-quality olive oil, grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, native herbs, and spices are all combined in Hatay cuisine, which is characterised by its fertile soils and Mediterranean climate.

From left – Raja Syahiran (Malaysian Singer), Chef Ismail, Uyaina Arshad (Host and Actress) and H.E Emir Salim Yüksel, Ambassador of Türkiye to Kuala Lumpur

Turkish Cuisine Week began in Malaysia with an exclusive dinner hosted by His Excellency (H.E.) Emir Salim Yüksel, the Turkish Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur. This was followed by an online activity with Chef Maximilian J. W. Thomae and a Turkish Cuisine demonstration workshop with 29 students from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia featuring ksr (fine bulgur salad) and Sini Kebab/Tepsi Kebab.

Turkish chef, Chef Turgay Gündodu demonstrating kisir, a fine bulgur salad with tomatoes and fresh herbs

Türkiye Embassy in Malaysia Kick-Started the Turkish Cuisine Week
The Turkish Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur, H.E. Emir Salim Yüksel, organised an exclusive dinner as part of Turkish Cuisine Week to unveil this year’s special menu, which featured regional dishes from Hatay cuisine.

Through the week-long Turkish Cuisine Week, the healthy, traditional, waste-free and sustainable nature of the deep-rooted Turkish cuisine is promoted on an international scale. Türkiye is among the top five countries with the most intangible heritage values inscribed on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Among these, we also have traditional recipes from Turkish cuisine, such as flatbread, as well as keşkek, a Turkish dish with meat and wheat; and mesir paste, consisting of 41 herbs and spices. Turkish coffee is also part of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List, symbolising not only a special brewing technique but also a rich communal traditional culture and history.

said H.E Emir Salim Yüksel, Ambassador of Türkiye to Kuala Lumpur
Welcome Remarks by H.E Emir Salim Yüksel, Ambassador of Türkiye to Kuala Lumpur

H.E. Emir Salim Yüksel also said that cultural heritage, as defined by UNESCO, goes far beyond just monuments and artefacts; it actually includes customs, rituals, skills, and recipes that we pass down from our ancestors to our descendants. The dishes we prepared for the guests today are from Hatay, one of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network cities in the gastronomy field.

At the dinner, renowned Turkish chef Turgay Gündodu demonstrated how to make “stuffed grape leaves with meat” and kisir while serving the Hatay menu, which included biberli ekmek (flatbread with red pepper paste), olive salad, hummus, kisir, and “kunefe” (a kadayif dessert with cheese).

Chef Turgay Gündodu demonstrated the dishes to the Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia students

Ancient, Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Healthy and Timeless Traditions of Turkish Cuisine
A live online cooking demonstration by Chef Maximilian J. W. Thomae using regional ingredients and traditional cooking methods provided attendees of the Turkish Cuisine Week event with a comprehensive overview of traditional and sustainable Turkish cuisine. Those who were invited to watch the live streaming had the chance to learn about the diverse and rich Turkish cuisine, as well as about its capacity and willingness to adapt to changing eating and drinking trends. Participants got a hands-on introduction to the sustainable and waste-free cooking techniques used in Turkish cuisine. Turkish eating and drinking rituals, which were built around emotions of unity, togetherness, and cultural sustainability, brought participants together around healthy and time-tested recipes.

Chef Turgay Gündodu (front, second from left) with culinary students from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

Hatay a Table of Civilisations
Chef Turgay Gündodu also conducted a demonstration class for 29 culinary students from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia as part of his efforts to promote the city’s culinary heritage, which has been influenced by the fact that it has historically been home to a variety of civilisations. The students had the chance to get their hands on some kisir and Sini/Tepsi kebabs during the demonstration.

Interesting isn’t it? Get more information on Turkish Cuisine Week from this website:

One for the Blog

About Türkiye
Located in the Mediterranean Sea and connecting the Asian and European continents that are separated by the famous Bosphorus, Türkiye is a unique destination and a hub for cultural interaction. In addition to its perfect climate, Türkiye inspires visitors with its history, nature and gastronomy, all of which reflect the diversity of civilisations from over many centuries. Located at the crossroads of cultures, Türkiye has a distinctive understanding of art and fashion which is the synthesis of tradition and modernity, and its dynamic shopping and entertainment life also attracts visitors from all over the world. For more information about Türkiye please visit:

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Systema’s Be #GumProud Campaign Promotes Gum Health Awareness in Malaysia with MSP Partnership

(L-R) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yee Hway Ann@Anne Yee, Coordinator of Nicotine Addiction Research & Collaborating Centre (NARCC), Prof. Dr. Rahimah Binti Abdul Kadir, Specialist Advisor at Universiti Malaya Centre for Addiction Science Studies (UMCAS), Mr. Kazuo Mabuchi, Managing Director of Southern Lion, Dr. Noormi Binti Othman, Principal Director of Oral Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Dr. Yuhaniz Ahmad Yaziz, President of Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP), Ybhg. Mejar Jeneral Dato’ Dr. Zulkifli Bin Zainal Abidin, Dental Director of Malaysian Armed Forces Health Services, Ministry Of Defence Malaysia (MINDEF), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin, Director Of Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCares) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslina Rani, Lecturer And Public Health Specialist, UKM Faculty Of Dentistry.

In conjunction with Gum Health Day, when gum health awareness is promoted globally, Systema, one of the leading oral care brands from Japan, launched its Be #GumProud campaign in an effort to raise awareness of the significance of gum health. The campaign, which is being run in collaboration with the Malaysia Society of Periodontology (MSP) and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), aims to educate Malaysians on the value of maintaining good gum health and gum care.

Dr. Noormi Binti Othman, Principal Director of Oral Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia, highlighted the severity of gum disease in Malaysia during the event.

According to the National Oral Health Survey for School Children in Malaysia (NOHSS, 2015), 99.6% of 12-year-old children experienced bleeding gums, which is an early stage and sign of gum disease.  It is estimated in 2019 that 9.2% of adults aged 15 years and above suffer from severe periodontal disease according to the World Health Organization (2022),

said Dr. Noormi Binti Othman, Principal Director of Oral Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia

According to a study done on Malaysian adults by Lion Corporation Japan, the company that owns the Systema brand, 80% of those polled had at least one visible symptom or sign of gum disease, but only 1% were aware that they had it. This demonstrates how Malaysians are less aware of the value of good oral health in general.

Awal Ashaari, Malaysian celebrity

Poor oral hygiene, when combined with other risk factors like tobacco use, is a significant behavioural risk factor. Teaching and empowering Malaysians to perform self-oral health care before or after brushing their teeth is necessary. This includes looking for issues like bleeding gums, food particles, or swelling that can aid in the early detection of oral conditions. While the ministry has made significant efforts over the years to prevent and control gum disease through public education and awareness campaigns as well as by offering affordable and accessible dental services, Dr. Noormi stated that more needs to be done to engage the Malaysian public and raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

Similarly, Malaysians’ alarmingly low awareness of the condition of their gums concerned Mr. Kazuo Mabuchi, Managing Director of Southern Lion. He asserted that while many Malaysians may be unaware that healthy pink gums are equally crucial for preserving our overall oral health, oral health is frequently associated with white teeth and fresh breath.

As a leading oral care brand from Lion Corporation Japan with over 130 years of experience in periodontal care, Systema sees its role as educating Malaysians on how to better take care of their gums and promote overall oral health. Healthy gums are the foundation for strong teeth. We are delighted to have the support of the Malaysia Society of Periodontology (MSP) and the Ministry of Health Malaysia in this national campaign, which encourages Malaysians to be proud to show off their gums by protecting them and keeping them strong and healthy.

Be #GumProud aims to assist Malaysians in evaluating their gum health and gaining a better understanding of how it affects dental health and the longevity of their teeth. The public can access Systema’s website from May through the end of June 2023 to complete an online assessment of their gum health. Systema will also hold a number of roadshows to inform customers about the value of good oral hygiene habits and the contribution that gum health makes to maintaining teeth and good general health for a quality of life. Customers are urged to take advantage of this chance to assess their own gum health, make improvements, and claim a free starter kit from Systema!

At Southern Lion, we are committed to helping people achieve good gum and overall oral health by using the right toothpaste and toothbrush. Leveraging Systema’s strengths and technology in periodontal disease prevention from Japan, we have created a range of toothbrushes and toothpastes specially designed to protect the gums and help prevent gum problems while maintaining healthy teeth,

said Mr. Kazuo Mabuchi, Managing Director of Southern Lion

Systema Advance Toothpaste formulation with Advance Plaque Buster technology combines three proprietary ingredients that break down plaque biofilm and kill bacteria hidden in gum pockets that can cause gum problems. It is also clinically proven to be 4X better in preventing gum problems! Systema range of 0.02mm super-tapered bristles in toothbrushes help remove plaque physically from between teeth, along the gum line, and inside gum pockets while still being gentle to the gums. This helps to provide 40% better clean between teeth and gum lines yet is 3x gentler on gums than normal toothbrush,

explained Mr. Kenichi Shirota, Associate Senior Manager from Lion Corporation Japan

Our gums protect our teeth. Without the correct gum care, bad bacteria find their way in and around our teeth, causing infection and inflammation. If not addressed at an early stage, it can lead to the destruction of the gum tissue or periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease. Gum disease starts with plaque, a sticky bacteria-filled film, which builds up under and along the gum line. Besides that, gum disease may even increase the risk of osteoporosis1, heart diseases2, stroke3, and diabetes4,

explained Dr. Mohd Faizal Hafez Hidayat, Vice President of Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP)

Gum disease prevention is crucial, and oral health professionals advise starting young to form the habit of caring for your teeth and gums. This is especially useful for detecting and treating gingivitis early on. Our gums can serve as the body’s main line of defence by receiving the proper care and maintenance.

Take a quick online assessment of your current gum health to start your Be #GumProud journey. Remember to try some Systema products to help keep your gums healthy. Visit to learn more about Systema’s Be #GumProud campaign.

1. Osteoporosis and periodontal disease: Javed F, Al-Hezaimi K, Almas K, Romanos GE. Is there a relationship between osteoporosis and periodontal disease? A meta-analysis. J Periodontol. 2010 Mar;81(3):329-43. doi: 10.1902/jop.2009.090510. PMID: 20230763.
2. Heart disease and periodontal disease: Lockhart PB, Bolger AF, Papapanou PN, Osinbowale O, Trevisan M, Levison ME, Taubert KA, Newburger JW, Gornik HL, Gewitz MH, Wilson WR, Smith SC Jr, Baddour LM; American Heart Association Rheumatic Fever, Endocarditis, and Kawasaki Disease Committee of the Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young, Council on Epidemiology and Prevention, Council on Peripheral Vascular Disease, and Council on Clinical Cardiology. Periodontal disease and atherosclerotic vascular disease: does the evidence support an independent association?: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2012 May 22;125(20):2520-44. doi: 10.1161/CIR.0b013e31825719f3. Epub 2012 Apr 18. PMID: 22514250.
3. Stroke and periodontal disease: Sen S, Giamberardino LD, Moss K, Morelli T, Rosamond WD, Gottesman RF, Beck J, Offenbacher S. Periodontal Disease, Regular Dental Care Use, and Incident Ischemic Stroke. Stroke. 2018 Apr;49(4):914-919. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.117.019413. Epub 2018 Mar 13. PMID: 29535255.
4. Diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease: Chávarry NG, Vettore MV, Sansone C, Sheiham A. The relationship between diabetes mellitus and destructive periodontal disease: a meta-analysis. Oral Health Prev Dent. 2009;7(2):107-27. PMID: 19655603.

About Systema Malaysia
Systema is a leading oral care brand from Japan owned by Lion Corporation Japan and marketed by Lion Corporation Japan’s affiliate, Southern Lion. Systema range of toothpaste and toothbrushes forms an optimal solution to help improve oral health by protecting against gum problems.

For more information, please visit:

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Malaysian Foodies Get Creative with Real California Milk Cheeses

I was thrilled and excited to accept an invitation from Real California Milk to attend an event at The Cooking House in PJ along with other bloggers and influencers. The purpose of the event, which was held on May 5, 2023 from 11 am to 1 pm, was to enlighten us about the use of various types of cheeses from California in cooking. In the cook-off mini competition held on that day, fellow blogger Zahira Hanafi and I partnered up for our first time to create our own special cheese platter using Real California Milk cheeses. Despite not getting any placement, I definitely had so much fun in the event.

Pick Products with Real California Milk Seal
The event was organised by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), the largest agricultural marketing organisation in California, to educate Malaysian consumers about their high-quality cheeses bearing the Real California Milk seal. The CMAB portfolio includes a large variety of dairy products, including far more than just cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, and ice cream.

To my surprise, the cheese industry is steadily growing in Malaysia. There are more cheese-containing food items available now, and the market is home to a growing number of cheese varieties. Malaysia’s cheese market is currently worth RM1.094 billion and is projected to increase yearly by 7.52% from 2023 to 2027 (CAGR).

Variety and Adaptability of California Cheeses
I find the availability of California cheeses like Cheddar, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, and Monterrey Jacks for Malaysians to eat is a blessing. There are also blue cheese, smoked cheese, and organic cheeses from California that are all marked with the seal “Real California Milk” for those who prefer artisanal cheeses.

More Malaysians are beginning to recognise the quality of California dairy goods like cheeses and ice creams that bear the Real California Milk seal, according to Eddie Saw, the CMAB’s Malaysia Country Representative. You can eat the cheeses plain at any time of the day because they are so delicious. Cheeses are now being used in cooking by many Malaysians.

Eddie Saw, Malaysia Country Representative for CMAB

Different cheeses offer their own unique quality and function – which open up a whole world of culinary possibilities via a wide selection of cheesy indulgence.  It is important to note that cheeses that carry the Real California Milk offers are authentic natural cheese.  Our cheeses use 100% real milk from cows in California and have won awards in the United States as well as abroad.

enthused Eddie Saw, Malaysia Country Representative for CMAB
Certified Executive Chef Barbara Alexander

With more than 30 years of experience in the culinary and hospitality industries, Certified Executive Chef Barbara Alexander developed four delectable recipes using Real California Cheese: Blue Cheese Chips, Korean Cheese Dogs, Iced Coffee Cheesecake Cream Puffs, and Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Pizza. These chef-developed recipes, according to Chef Barbara, are simple to prepare, very popular with Asians, and perfect for serving at family gatherings and quick meals.

One ounce of natural cheese, such as Cheddar, Jack, or Mozzarella, contains approximately 20% of a person’s recommended daily calcium intake. Those who are lactose-sensitive, or lactose-intolerant can still enjoy cheese if they eat natural hard (aged) or soft-ripened varieties, which contain little or no lactose.

said Certified Executive Chef Barbara Alexander

Cook-off Mini Competition Among Foodies
As I mentioned earlier, the cook-off session featuring 20 lifestyle and food influencers from Malaysia was held to share the quality of California dairy products and cheeses, particularly those bearing the “Real California Milk” seal. Everyone put on our chef hats and created our own cheese platters using a variety of Real California cheeses and other foods and ingredients. To add on the excitement, we had only one hour to do so! Our creations were evaluated based on presentation and creativity, which highlighted the adaptability, delectability, and simplicity of each recipe. I personally find cooking with cheese is so interesting as these California cheeses are really versatile with endless culinary possibilities.

Well done to all fellow foodies and my heartiest congratulations go to all the winners:
First: bebelancikmin & shamieraosment
Second: penaberkala & mawardiyunus
Third: sunshinekelly2988 & foodmsia

Sustainable Cheese Production in California’s Dairy Industry
The USA is the largest producer of cow’s milk in the world, with California ranking first for milk production and second for cheese production. Using only California milk, about 50 cheesemakers create more than 250 different types and styles of cheese.

California dairy producers take seriously their responsibility to provide for the safety, comfort, and health of their cows. The quest for a cleaner, more sustainable future has led to California becoming home to many of the most cutting-edge, technologically sophisticated, and effective dairy operations in the world, with best practises for herd comfort and care. In terms of sustainable dairy farming methods, California leads the nation.

For information and recipes, visit:
Official website:
FaceBook: Real Cheese Malaysia

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World Asthma Day to Raise Awareness on Managing Asthma in Malaysia

Asthma is one of the most prevalent respiratory illnesses in Malaysia and has been steadily increasing. In Malaysia, the estimated prevalence of asthma has risen in recent years from 6.4% to 9.4% in children aged 6-7 and from 9% to 13% in children aged 13–14.¹

Asthma Malaysia and AstraZeneca have once again partnered to organise the brand-new “Breathe Better” public campaign at the 1 Mont Kiara mall, in conjunction with World Asthma Day, in light of the rising number of asthma patients in Malaysia and the growing need to educate the public on asthma management.

The purpose of the event was to raise public awareness of the importance of managing asthma well. Dr. Helmy Haja Mydin, a consultant respiratory physician and co-founder of Asthma Malaysia, Dina Nadzir, a Malaysian singer, radio hostess, actress, and television presenter, and Ashwini Saha, a country medical director and the lead for AstraZeneca’s Asia Area Cardiovascular Metabolism Medical Therapeutic Area, officiated the ceremony.

Take Control of Your Asthma
With the theme ‘Take Control of Your Asthma’, the campaign’s goal was to inform participants of the value of using controller medication in addition to reliever medication to manage and treat asthma symptoms over the long term.

It is crucial to increase the knowledge and awareness of the public on how to manage asthma. Getting diagnosed early is vital in order to prevent attacks that can be both disabling and draining. Early and proper control with appropriate medication will not only prevent severe illness, but improve one’s quality of life especially in the face of haze and ongoing risks of respiratory infections. This campaign also serves as an opportunity for healthcare professionals and individuals with asthma to come together and share their experiences and insights with the aim of improving asthma care and management in Malaysia.

said Dr. Helmy in the Breathe Better campaign.

Asthma can be classified as mild, moderate and severe. Patients would need a range of medication types and dosages to control their condition, depending on its severity. In terms of managing asthma, each level calls for a different kind of care. Even when they are skilled at using the inhaler correctly, patients with severe asthma need extra care because they are more likely to experience frequent asthma attacks.

Dr. Helmy indicates that there is still little public knowledge of the three different degrees of severity. It is crucial to keep in mind that most asthma sufferers who receive the proper inhaled therapy can lead normal lives. There are more personalized options available for a smaller subset of patients with severe asthma, but these will need to be modified based on each patient’s needs.

In Malaysia, there were 1,700 cases of asthma-related deaths in 2014. However, according to experts, the vast majority of asthma-related deaths can be prevented with timely and effective treatment.²

World Asthma Day 2023
The World Asthma Day 2023 celebration at 1 Mont Kiara included educational games and an exhibition that highlights important educational messages about asthma, providing a crucial forum for the general public to better comprehend and acquire first-hand knowledge of this respiratory disease. In order to keep the younger attendees interested, the event also featured interactive gaming booths, a colouring competition, and sessions on asthma sharing by local artist Dina. Over the course of two days, there were about 1,200 attendees at the event.

The event was held on 6-7 May 2023. Visit for more details.

About Breathe Better
The Breathe Better campaign educates the public on how to manage asthma effectively in order to reduce complications and enhance people’s quality of life. Its slogan, “Take Control of Your Asthma,” highlights the necessity for each patient to take charge of their asthma and understand what the best course of action is for them.

About Asthma Malaysia
Asthma Malaysia is a non-profitable organisation whose goals are to educate the public about asthma, promote the highest standards of care, and give patients the tools they need to manage their condition.

The goal of Asthma Malaysia is to become the leading portal for asthma in Malaysia by empowering and educating patients. In order to reduce the suffering and fatalities linked to it, we strive to ensure that asthma care in Malaysia is on par with the best in the world.

We want to develop into a group that actively conducts research and runs promotional campaigns to raise awareness of asthma in Malaysia.

1) Dinglasan JL, Tang LY, Chong MC, Al Raimi AM. Asthma prevalence and the relationship between level of knowledge and quality of life among asthmatic schoolchildren in Malaysia. Saudi Med J. 2022 Jan;43(1):113-116. doi: 10.15537/smj.2022.43.1.20210211. PMID: 35022293; PMCID: PMC9280567.
2) The Borneo Post. (2022, June 7). Public awareness key to effective control of asthma. Retrieved from

Also check out info about World Asthma Day 2022