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.. :: My Uni Life – Part 1 :: ..

Have been thinking back my life in Uni. Well, it’s been a hectic and busy Uni life back then. I started to join extra curricular activities since Sem 1. Actually, before I join UUM, I had made a promise to myself. I wanted to become well-known in UUM. I came out with this idea because I was offered this Uni although I didn’t apply it. I know my STPM results were bad. So, I entered this Uni although it was a very sudden decision. Furthermore I was not into multimedia at that time.


Ok, back to my Uni life, my first project was being a team leader in a project called R2K in A****C. I was offered this position by my room mate who was at that time a senior. He wanted to resign from the project so that he could focus on his other activities. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Why did he choose me? Maybe it’s because I was the best ‘victim’ for him at that time. But anyway, I thought about it for a few days, and I was like… this is the best chance for me to explore the new environment. So, finally I agreed and attended my first meeting of the project. I got to know a few new friends. But the best and closest of all was Felicia. She’s a great and out-going person. She came to me and helped me a lot. Giving me support and listened to my problems. Soon, I got bored of this project because it was not moving fast. Everything seemed slow but the due date was coming nearer and nearer! I just got impatient and I released myself from this project but not totally. Well, at least I helped the group of people in the project to book a bus!


At this point of time, I could see that these people are different. They work as a team and cooperated well… but not among all! It’s just between the few of them. It’s not teamwork and it’s a total disaster. But I kept quiet. I know this is not for me. I have a lot of friends who joined this society and always asking me to join their meetings and such… I was like… “NO THANKS!”


Well, in my second sem, I saw a poster asking for students who are interested to be an ad-hoc for Siti Nurhaliza’s concert in UUM. I was like… Wow! Siti’s coming! I just went for the interview and got to be one of them. It was a bit weird because I was the only non-Malay member. But I didn’t mind. I went for the meetings and activities. BUT the worst part was that their meetings will always start half to one hour later than the mentioned time. It’s strange but normal here, I guess. It’s not really fun for the pre-production of this concert. But the best part was that I got to be the documentation ad-hoc who can take photographs of Siti during her concert. I just sat myself behind the VC’s sofa and snap photos of Siti. That was the best experience in this project, got to see Siti close. But of course I was not really keen to the rest of the project. In this project, I got to learn about time management and respecting other people no matter how small their roles are.


In my third sem, it started slow. I became an OC for NLDS of A****C again. The project was a grand event, but I was the only male OC then. The rest were girls. I became the logistics and F&B manager. It was fun working with the girls this time. They were all cooperative and in this project, I got to know Eng Fong who is a very kind girl and we became close friends. The problems that arose were no water supply, bad division of food and fast month for the Muslims. The rest was ok. This was the last project I got attached with A****C.


Besides being the OC, I joined AJKS who helped the freshies who came to UUM during their orientation week. The juniors always think that I am the bad guy while my other friend, Chee Seng is the good one. I’ve got used to this situation and didn’t mind it. I know they were wrong and I know who I am. So, I didn’t care about what others are saying. They get to know me better sooner or later. It was the greatest experience and I got to know my best pals here! Sarah, Niza, Saiful, Kalai and the rest of the gang. After AJKS, I was as busy as an ant! I’ve always got attached to activities held by the residential college committees (JPPK).


In my fourth sem, I got chosen to become one of the JPPK and became rather famous in the college. People know me as I got more exposure around the area and I’ve always liked the feeling. The best part of being JPPK was that the vice-principal called me personally to ask me to join the committee. It was a compliment I guess. In JPPK, I was involved in a lot of extra activities which brought me to another level of maturity and thinking. I found my own self and I know I’ve grown throughout.


In my fifth sem, I became an AJKS again for the second time and now even more people got to know me. But I slowed down a bit because I didn’t want to get involved in these kind of activities anymore because I know I have achieve what I was looking for since my first day in UUM. As a good memory and remembrance, I took a photo for a billboard of my college and my face will be there forever (at least for a few years). I am very proud of that.


My sixth sem was really a total freedom for myself. I enjoyed it and had my own sweet time for the whole sem! It was great. I have learnt a lot from UUM and YAB. I now know it was not a mistake to enter UUM. The nest step will be entering the working world. It will be a total chance in life. I hope I can survive out there. I know I will.

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  1. well.. i never forget u.. of coz~ hem, i am here in malaysia edilorh. christina is doing her postgraduate in australia still. i might be going back next year kua, if i can go into the 4th year of university of new south wales.


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