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5th day of work…

I’ve started my first full time job last Monday. It’s the fifth day today. My social life here is progressing slowly… I feel weird here. There are more ladies here. There are a lot of office politics and conflicts hidden behind every walls, in every drawers, in every person and the feeling is… weird! Not comfortable.
I think that there’s not much space for me to expand here. I mean in the Multimedia field. All I do here is editting and adjusting advertisements and maps. I didn’t get the chance to create my own artwork… I’m trapped!
I’m looking forward for another job… quietly… while still attached to this one… PLEASE wish me luck! I guess this is real life! It’s a dog eat dog world!!! Must be very careful and protective, but yet professional and sophisticated.



1 thought on “5th day of work…”

  1. you sound like you don\’t like your new working place. i hope can beside you to hear your slobber on your feeling on your working place.i know you must have alot to tell me. but I know you can handle it well rite?


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