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Mooncakes Nowadayzzz…

Monncake festival is just around the corner. Everyone is preparing for it… as in buying a lot of mooncakes to eat and feed themselves! There are more and more varieties and choices of different mooncakes. People are easily foled by the promotional tactics that the production companies are doing right now… Companies like Tai Th*ng, *verseas and etc are getting their brains squeezed to the maximum level and come out with different flavours of mooncakes.
Definitely the price is getting much higher too! Can u imagine a mooncake cost almost RM 9.00 – 11.00. Very expensive. How many plates of rice can we buy with that amount?! But this is a ‘must-have’ event every year. That’s why people are taking advantages among each others!
For me, personally, I like the normal traditional flavour (lotus paste single egg yolk) and normal "lotus bing pei". The rest are just bits to the taste. HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL!  Please be a wise consumer. Do not get fooled easily by the new tactics, packaging and flavours promoted in the market nowadays! Keep the tradition rolling……………………

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