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Cheese Cake…

I would like to share my favourite cake with you – Chocolate Cheese Cake. The ingredients that are needed : 10 pieces (or more) of Marie biscuits, a cup of butter/ marjerin, a brick of cheese (the best is the one in silver box sold in any aupermart in M’sia) and also a cup chocolate.
First, break the Marie biscuits into tiny pieces or press them into powder-like condition. Melt the butter and pour the melted butter to the biscuit powder. Mix well. Press hard the biscuit powder to the lower part of the bowl. Here, I used a square shaped mixing bowl. This is to form the hard layer of the cake. Put the hard pressed biscuit powder into the fridge for a few hours.
Stir the cheese well. Melt the chocolate. The best way to melt chocolate is to put the chocolate in a stainless steel plate. Put the plate on a boiling water without touch the water. The heat will melt the chocolate. Mix the melted chocolate to the cheese and stir well. Pour the mixture onto the biscuit layer. Lastly, put the whole thing into the fridge and leave overnight.
Here are some photos of the cheese cake producing process…

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