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One year to Shanghai

It has been exactly a year the day I went to Shanghai. It was indeed a memorable trip. It was my first flight. My first flight, to Shanghai! Think back of the food there… I really miss the tasty food and soup. Keller, a friend I knew from F1. We’ve been separated for a year but we still keep in touch. I know we will be friends forever. The other Chinese friend, Hai Jin-tao. We’ve lost contact, because I believe that he couldn’t got online often. I’m wondering what is happening to him now. Wish him well.

2 thoughts on “One year to Shanghai”

  1. good friends forever! I am not expect to go to F1 this year. The reasons maybe that you are not there . It will made me remind of those friends from Malysia


  2. Keller, so u r not joining F1 this year? I\’m so touched that u said that u miss us. Actually we miss u as well. Must keep in tuoch with me ok! 🙂


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