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I hate Kelisa WJN 7779

It’s been a hectic day at work! At 5 pm, I stepped out of the office and walked to my car. Guess what I saw?! A car blocking my car again!!! It’s so irritating. This time, a purple-coloured Kelisa, with the plate number WJN 7779.


I got into my car and started the engine. Switched on the radio and tried to calm down my temper. It’s really disgusting when u thought that u can, at last, get home but could not just because of some one blocking the way. More over, that car is parked outside a parking lot (which means it is against the rules. I wonder why at this time again, the law enforcers are all “busy” working in another area…)


I sounded the horn for a few times and gave a few more minutes for the stupid driver to come. I waited and waited… for almost 40 minutes!!! Then, I went out for awhile and walked away to the toilet and came back.


The driver got back and I was staring at her face! She couldn’t get the courage to even peep at my face and signal sorry. What she did was drove away her car as fast as possible. What an irresponsible driver!


My advice here: If u’re getting to somewhere for a long time (more than 1 – 2 minutes), please try to find a proper parking lot. Imagine if someone is in a rush for an emergency, say to save someone (a family member), just because of ur car blocking his/her way, that person in need died! U will NEVER have the chance to say u’re sorry ever in ur life to that person again…


I am very disappointed at most of our drivers here and also the law enforcers… I am speechless because I am helpless… If u’re a driver, please think of others whenever u’re on the road and the parking area…


To the driver of WJN 7779, u’re lucky that I am the one who was being blocked by u. If it was another driver, u can NEVER think what could happen next…



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