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Car Experience

I would like to share my experience with those who are new in driving! Well, it’s a not-so-bad experience though.
Well, the story goes like this… I started to hear strange sound from the engine of my old car. The sound appearred whenever I change the gear and whenever it climb slopes. I thought it should be the engine oil. So I added some engine oil when I reached home. I thought the problem should be solved then. Later I started another journey but the sound was still there! I couldn’t firgure out the matter which bothered! … Huh! I thought of the temperature… When I looked at the temperature meter… HUH!!! 130 degree!!!!!!!! Gosh! I forced the car a slight distance to reach the nearest petrol station and waited for awhile for the engine to cool down… About 15 minutes later, I opened the water tank cap to add water.
Well, it’s a good experience for me! I hope those who had just started to drive (less than a year and without these kind of experience) will find this blog helpful…
Reminder : Please check ur car before u start EVERY journey.. this will ensure u a safer journey…

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