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My Car

I have bought a second-hand car during the period when ALL the new cars got discounts!!! What a fool! (At least, that’s what some people said. What to do?! No $$$ )
Anyhow, it’s a good  4 years-old Proton Wira 1.5 (auto). Metalic green. Well, the main attraction of this car is the interest rate I got from the dealer. It’s just a mere 3.5% instead of 4.85% which is the newest rate for this type of car. The dealer was introduced to me by my 2nd uncle.
For the time-being, I can drive a better car and I think it’s the least I can do to provide to myself, my gf and my family. Hopeful to slowly upgrade our way of life…
P/S: Those who see me on the road, PLEASE don’t kiss my ass!!!  And to those TOTO/Magnum/Damacai lovers, my lucky number is 6631. Hehe!

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