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To me, money is the most important substance of life. With money, one can have a very wonderful life. One can get whatever he/she likes. One can provide a great life for his/her family. Without it, one can suffer like hell. That is why people kill themselves! Pressure. Stress. How to cope with all this?!

In this era, there is no way one can live without money. Even a plate of economic rice is not that economical nowadays! There are a lot of things in life which are unexpected. With all these unexpected situations coming up, one might not have the ability to cope with what’s happening out of a sudden… financially. Even if one has already prepared himself/herself, the unexpected will always come out of a sudden.

I hate being trapped in this kind of situation. It is too hard to accept. It is too hard to strengthen my financial status now. How can I build up my financial status now? I have friends involving themselves in direct selling, multi-level marketing, insurance and investment. These are the few choices out of so many choices in the world to build up a basic financial foundation. For me, I have yet to get involved in one. I have been trying to getting involved in multi-level marketing but it is not as easy as they claimed. It will always come back to direct selling even if we knew it is not as similar as it seemed to be. But I doubt it.

What will I be in one year time? In five years time? In three years time? I am really in a very hard situation. I have a family, a future wife and myself to choose. Which one is my priority? I felt like bursting out sometimes. I don’t know how to cope with this stress now.

1 thought on “My Latest Situation”

  1. Dearest WaiKhong aka lil siew keong;)
    Life is never easy. It is indeed very complicated and complex. But hang in there waikhong. Things will be alright again.. Just take one thing at a time and trust me the rest will come into place. I am doing just that. I can\’t deny that i am not stress with work and daily life as i am stressed and felt so tensed that sometimes i just wish the earth will swallow me up. Sometimes i just don\’t know what to do. All i can do now is to pray and asking God to be my guider and give strength. So, my point is waikhong, no matter how difficult it may seem in life…NEVER LOST HOPE AND HANG IN THERE…remember you still have us your friends to confide in…
    Do take care of yourself ya. i really miss those time we had in lego canteen back in varsity = our destressing time…those good old days ya…
    a big and warmest hug just for you my dear friend and buddy…


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