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Death is always feared by everyone… but for me, death is a very normal thing. Although I have not to face any "near death" experience, I have the feeling of readily to face death anytime in my heart since I was in Form 6. I have seen and read about people getting killed in accidents, murdered, sicknesses and etc etc. From there, I have already built up the readiness to face death anytime.
A lot of people do not like to discuss the topic openly as it could be a bad omen especially for the Chinese. "Choy! Choy! Choy! Dai gut lai see"
("Touch wood!" in Cantonese). I have tried to discuss the topic with a few close friends of mine but they’ll comment that I’m too negative thinking this could be a bad sign. Always advising me to think positively.
BUT may I ask, if I think positive, do I still have to die one day? – YES! If I am to keep on thinking about death, will I die immediately? – NO!
To me, death is nothing but a destination. We live to die. Whatever we do now, will bring us to death one day. Which means, if we are rich, we will die… one day. Even if we’re poor, we will die… one day!  The difference is, the different kind of ceremony that the family of the dead will prepare for him/her.
In a nutshell, death is a destination and life is a journey. We live with a purpose. And we die with a purpose too! That’s why, life is important but fragile. Death will come in which ever way you try to avoid if the time comes. Therefore, I hope that everyone can live life with a purpose.
Appreciate everyone in life for you will be appreciated after your life.

2 thoughts on “D.E.A.T.H.”

  1. Dearest "siew keong" aka waikhong,
    True, death will come one day and we don\’t know when it will come. it is just a matter of time. you are not alone in this. i myself have encounter with death when i was 10 suffering a chronic illness. but with God\’s grace i am thankful i am alive today. i am thankful for this life i am having now. i owe it all to my mother who had sacrifice for me. i am not crazy though, but to me, i still feel that it is alright to talk about death. i feel that we all need to get ourselves ready either consciously or subconsciously.. everyone of us will die some day. it is just the matter of time. and yes, thinking of dying or death doesnt mean we are negative at all. we can be positive in life but on the other hand, we need to be ready at all time ma. correct… hang in there… hehehe…
    i am so glad i have someone like you who think alike like me. hehehe., what a perfect buddy we are…
    check out my blog ya. will be updating about this topic in a short while as well…


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