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Ready 2 Eat… (dedicated to Su Kian)

Su Kian is now managing a restaurant with her cousin sister in Cheras. A small-sized girl coming from a small place in Pahang with a big ambition and resistance. She can develop fast and learn fast coping with the ever-changing environment in a big city like KL. Syabas!
Ready 2 Eat is the name of the restaurant and it’s located in Taman Putra. Eye catching billboard with lights blinking around it. It serves French cuisine with fushion.
Going there with my close friends from Uni, Samantha and Jia Ming, we ordered a few chef recommended meals and looking at the menu itself has already tempted us to order more. The price is very reasonable and the food looks good! Even in a picture.
Samantha ordered cola float, well-known for having a scoop of vanilla-flavoured ice-cream on top of a glass of coke. She also had seafood rice. (Do not know what it’s called according to the menu but it sure taste good). She also ordered mashed potato which is specially topped with tomato puree, mushrooms and cheese. This is the most recommended dish from all of us. Good try!
Jia Ming and Mein had chicken chop. The whole presentation of this dish is well-arranged. Chicken, mashed potato, salad, and rice arranged on a long-shaped plate. Good arrangement & easy to maintain.
I ordered a plate of Spaghetti "Fruit De Mers" (aka Seafood Spaghetti). I love this one. But the prawn that was given to me was not fresh. Mentioned to Su Kian about this and she’ll highlight to her boss. Overall, the dish is highly recommended. The mussel was very fresh indeed! Feels so tangy with the sweet and sour taste of the specially cooked tomato sauce topping the spaghetti.
I had a glass of Chilo Oleo which is actually ice-blended Oreo. YES! Oreo biscuits. I warned that it is going to be very sweet but when I sipped a mouthful of the drink, not so sweet… Just nice. Even my girlfriend said so. Very creative to have this kind of special beverage in the restaurant.
A dessert complimented by the chef was the Lemon Soufle. A piece of freshly fried pancake kind of pastry wrapping lemon-flavoured cream and icy cool vanilla flavoured ice-cream on the other side. The hot and cold blend just melts in the mouth in a correct chemistry! Great experience.
Just can’t wait to come back again to try other dishes.

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