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TAO : Authentic Asian Cuisine & Sushi

Had enough listening to recommendations and comments about this specific restaurant but I have just got the chance to pay them a visit last Friday. Good enough that it came out to be a slightly above average kind of restaurant. You actually need to do reservation first before going there to have dinner – buffet style.
I rate the service there good. The waiters there are attentive and patient in explaining the type of food they serve and how they serve. They are prompt as well. Although there was a small misunderstanding there before we can proceed to have our dessert. But that did not spoil my day! So let’s not mention it.
Anyhow, my personal favourites are Thai Spicy Lamb, Grilled Lamb Chop & Tako Sunomono (Diced Octopus marinated in Sweet and Sour Sauce). I never regret ordering Thai Spicy Lamb because it is indeed a very authentic dish. I love the aroma and the milky coconut milk taste of the spicy Thai sauce. But my girlfriend does not like it because of the smell. Well, it’s all depending on personal preference.
Tako Sunomono is another must try dish. My girlfriend had at least 3 plates of this because it is indeed very appetizing and not very filling. Very suitable to be eaten in between heavy meals as snack. This meal is actually diced octopus marinated in sweet and sour sauce. With a little bit of cucumber and dried fish slices.
Motoyaki Scallop is also recommended. But anyhow, according to my girlfriend and his brother, the original great effect is gone and it is lacking. But for me, it is good and a novelty to me. Scallops in thousand island sauce… Yum yum!!!
Another dish we ordered more than 3 times is Grilled Lamb Chop. You try it and you’ll love it! Or else, regret it! There are other dishes like Yakitori and Kushi Yaki (both grilled chicken and seafood in stick). Salmon with Papaya is also another special dish to me. It’s strange to mix a tropical fruit with Amazon fish together but this dish actually made it.
Besides the food, I also like the environment there. The table that we’ve got is very much secluded and I do feel the personal time there with my girlfriends family members and I do enjoy my time there. The decorations and interior design are giving presenting a calm and peaceful feeling for me.

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