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“Googling” My Own Name

I was surfing the Net and got bored suddenly… Got an idea to do a quick search of my own name “THUM WAI KHONG” using Yahoo and Google search engines. Well, I found a list of name at CinemaOnline where they list down the winners’ names in their list for their contest. But to my surprise, I found a link to :
I clicked on it and I found my name being listed together with Mr Liew Fook Sin’s. Remembered. This was the credit page which Mr Liew (my close unofficial supervisor at Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan [BTP] during my practical training) promised to put my name in it. I am so touched… I thought I would never have a chance to view this courseware outcome since I’ve left BTP before the end product finished. I really appreciate it and I felt so honoured having my name being listed in one of the couseware created by BTP, Ministry of Education of Malaysia.
Thank you, Mr Liew!

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