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Chicken Parts in KFC

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I have been craving to try out the KFC Chicken Rice and finally I’ve got a chance to do it. I had it in KFC Pertama Complex and everytime I eat KFC, I will only take the drumstick and the thigh. Some times the chicken wing but no other parts please.

In this specific occassion, there’s no exceptional. The KFC lady gave me a chicken wing and a breast. I asked her to change them for me.

I said, “I want a drumstick and a ‘paha’ ” (which mean thigh in Malay language).

She was felt stranged and she swapped the chicken wing for me to a drumstick and left the chicken breast on the plate.

I then told her, “I want the part which is on top of the drumstick”

She then said, “Oh, thigh!”  and laughed at me with her colleague that I said it wrongly that I want a paha but not a thigh.

They said, “Paha tu drumstick lah!”

Well, I was angry as they were treating me as if I’m stupid but I kept quiet.

To them, paha means drumstick but to me paha means thigh.

I wanted to give them a Malay-English lesson there on-the-spot but NO-lah.

Leave the dumb as who they are. Ignorance is stupidity.


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