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Bidding Farewell…

It was my final day in the office and my heart felt bad the whole day. The only thing in my mind was my friends (not colleagues but they have become my friends). It was hard but it went through somehow. I even teared in the office as it was so touching reading all my friends farewell wishes to me. It was really sad and difficult.
Anyhow, at night, we went to IZZI KL for my farewell dinner and everyone had great time there. The ‘ta-ni’ (drinking) kaki’s were all bottoms up. Everyone was talking about the funny things that happened throughout my stay there and all burst out in tears. There is no other words to describe except FUNNY. My mind was all flashing back of my previous effort and experience in the office. All the hardship, the hardwork and the happy moments with my friends (especially the weekends experiences).
I could never forget all my friends there. We are already so close. Thanks to everyone for the companionship and do strive to the best for yourselves. Remember my personal advice in my last e-mail to you guys. Never give up! Haha! And Sethu (also Deep), I will always remember your advice in the card. That’s so true!!!
Thanks guys and gals for your gifts and advice. I really appreciate them and I love you all! I will miss all the “karaoke” sessions, the “non-sense” talk, the “test drive” session, the “winding-non-stop-complaining” session and everything else. Keep in touch! *sob sob*
tart1 The sweet and tasty fruit tart from Zilah. (Product from Ramah Tamah, Hotel Maya)
flower1 Datin’s flower – my first flower in my life (not counting those in my convo)
choc2 “Premium” chocolates which will force me going to the gym more often after eating them
pottery1 A set of tea pottery from Irrise (my personal favourite)
gals Puan Sri Zilah, Datin Adleen, Mein and Atuk Sri
guys Datuk J, Deep, Tun Sethu & Rishi
men Naz, Yew Wah and Brian “Waterhorse” Ong
wine1 Red wine choc1 Chocolates in the Box

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