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Yet Another Fruitful Day! :) – 14 June 2008

14 June 2008 is the first day for the rakyat to get back their money from the Post Office… well not everyone but some of them. Basically for those who have paid their road tax from 1 April until 31 May 2008. I am one of them! (Due to the increase of the petrol price. This is the rebate for us, the poor rakyats.)

I went to the Post Office in Sungai Besi and almost whole of the place is packed!… Quickly went to get the number and a form to fill up. After waiting for 1 hours and 40 minutes, the officer in the post office announced that they have ran out of cash. What they can do is to give us Money order. Well, me being me, I don’t mind getting a money order. Frankly speaking, that would be a better choice at the first place, ain’t it?!

What more? Got it! Keep it! Bank it!

postoffice1 wait1 

queue1 Waiting patiently… 

contoh1 An example on how to fill up the rebate form

moneyorder2 moneyorder1 IT’S MINE!!!

Reaching home, another surprise awaited for me. It’s Mariah!!! (almost!) Won her latest CD – E=MC2


It’s from a contest from Era.FM. What more?! Already listening to it while blogging this… Sweeeeet!

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