Save the Earth : What have I done?

What have I done to play a part in helping to save the earth?
1. Use a non-woven recycle bag whenever I go for shopping.
2. Reduce the usage of plastic bags to pack my stuff.
3. Do not waste paper. If I print something wrongly on one page of the paper, I will keep it for future usage. As my rubbish paper.
4. Do not buy plastic bottled mineral water. I carry my own a stainless steel water bottle.
5. Switch off all electricity when not in use.
6. Turn off the tap whenever not using. Even during the time I brush my teeth and soap myself at bath.
7. Donate all my old clothes, books and toys to charity organisations.
8. While driving, I don’t excelerate. I drive at a slow, steady and smooth pace. Do not brake unnecessarily.
9. I only read online newspaper.
10. Walk, instead of drive, to a short destination.
11. Reduce usage of tissue paper.
I am still trying my best to play a part in helping to save the earth. Let’s together play a small role to make the place we live a better place. Remember : This is the ONLY planet we can live in (at least for the time-being!).
If you are supporting my motion, please send me a comment with a line starting with “I help to save the earth by…” 

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