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Jogging in UPM

As a part of my training for Men’s Health RUN08, I went to UPM to jog. Met my best friend and started jogging. As I have time constraint, he led me to a shorter distance so that we can finish quicker. Well, me being myself, I never miss the opportunity to snap photos along the journey. It’s more like a snapping photos session rather than a jogging session… Haha!



Well, here’s the prove that I’m snapping the picture WHILE JOGGING!!!


Chicken coop


A horse I saw along the way… My friend said it’s a pony. I say they are from the same family – WHO CARES???

meAnother prove, I’M JOGGING while snapping pictures



Jogging in UPM reminded me a lot of fond memories of myself and friends in UUM. I used to jog in UUM around 5-6PM before dinner for almost an hour daily to release tension. How I missed the days… Mein will always join me to jog together whenever she’s free. I love that… I’ll always have that in my heart… WILL NEVER FORGET!

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