Mickey & Friends in NZX

Mickey Mouse & friends are in NZX. Brought my family there and it was quite easy to find that place actually (despite some complains saying that the place is very remote and hidden).

niu-ze-xui-commercial-center A helpful map to NZX

I heard from the radio that the entrance to the Disney lantern show is FREE. So, I brought my whole family there. Parked my car in NZX with a cost of RM2. But it was quite convenient coz there were ample parking lots available.

There were also a lot of colourful and beautiful stalls leading us to the lantern area. Upon reaching the entrance, there was a long queue. I was like "Hmm… is there something free or what?!"… Checking out the counter, rupa-rupanya kena bayar!!! HUH? I thought it’s free!!?!!!

Coupons sold at RM10 per adults & RM5 per child. But the coupons can be used to purchase selected items there. So, it’s ok lah…

There were beautiful lanterns and figurine (big statues) of Disney characters and me, being myself, transformed into a kid there – just like when I was in HK Disneyland. Haha! Quite embarrassing but what to do?

The group of lanterns I like the most was the one which features all the main characters of Disney – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy & Goofy.

disney We used 2 of our coupons to purchase this picture.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         6 coupons for 6 person


Sweet memory with my family… and had an enjoyable time there. The RM60 was worth it! ~ Not only to see the lanterns but the precious time to be with my family. And btw, we used our balance 4 coupons to purchase an umbrella (3 coupons) and a cup (1 coupons).

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