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We Survived on This for Dinner

Were in Mid Valley just now but didn’t know what to have for dinner… Yo! Sushi! We saw this restaurant and walked in to try them out since we didn’t know what to eat then. To my surprise, they are quite good – in terms of food, service and deco. But the pricing is a bit to the higher end… if the price can be reduced, I am sure we will definitely be their frequent customers! :")

Image019 Image021 Image020 Image022 Image026 Image030 Image032 Image033 Image034 Image035

The Christmas deco in Mid Valley was very impressive! To me, I remember Mid Valley has been very good in their festive deco every year. I’m sure they do have a huge budget for their deco. Well, who says it’s the recession now?! (BUT I’m sure the wave is slowly coming to us soon… BE READY!)

Image038 Image039 Image042

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