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Welcoming Ox Year 2009!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner again!!! I believe most of us are well-prepared for the auspicious day. A colleague of Mein gave her a box of home-made cupcakes to her as her farewell gift-cum-CNY gift. Very cute! Her friend made them on her own. How thoughtful…
And frankly speaking, I have been in a dilemma whether to start giving out angpows this year or not, as Mein & I are lawfully married. However, we have come out with a conclusion of NOT giving away any angpows this year because, to be exact, we are still NOT traditionally married. Meaning we have yet go through any Chinese customs like the traditional tea-drinking ceremony and bride-fetching ceremony still. So, in a nutshell, WE ARE NOT GIVING OUT ANGPOWS (yet) THIS YEAR!!!
Therefore, if anyone I know as me for angpow this year, please be prepared to be slapped! (Haha! Just kidding!) I guess I’ll just have to explain the reason again and again to anyone who ask.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Ox Year 2009!”

  1. Ip – This is only a very small effect which would affect you after marriage. If you are ready and accept all kinds of commitments in life, I believe you will look at marriage as a very positive thing. You need not be "old" enough to get married. You only need to be "mature" enough to do it. You will understand what I\’m saying here one fine day. All the best to you! 🙂


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