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Spending Quality Time with the Boys

It’s a day I’ve been waiting for… to swim with the boys, Yang and Ren in Tropicana. They are my kai che’s (god-sister) sons. This year, Yang is 8 and Ren is 5. I like to play with them and on that day, we went to Sg. Buloh to buy some orchids after our swimming session & lunch. We then went back home and played "Operation" for one or two rounds before I leave.

Image001 Image004   Image009 Image014 Image017 Image024

Image031 This picture is taken by Yang

Image020 Yang and a hibiscus which he likes…

Image022 Yang and Ren

Image026 Yang and some cactus… Ouch! Be careful!

Image015 Image039 Image019

Image016 Reminded me of the Chemistry lab…

Image025 The lime tree for CNY   

Image033 This picture is taken by Ren – BEAUTIFUL!

Image023 Image030 Image034

Image044 Image045

Image043 How to play "Operation"? The patient must come out ALIVE! Haha!

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