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A Tiring (Happy) Sunday!

We started our precious Sunday early at 7.00am today. After sending those recyclable stuff to the collection centre (as today is the 3rd Sunday of the month), we drove to Carrefour, Endah Parade for our CNY shopping. We became the first group of customer. Haha! We went there early to avoid the human traffic. A few other groups were there already as well, whom I consider SMART consumers…
Image001 Image002
Image004 The "still-empty" Carrefour…
After Carrefour, we went back home for a short while to put our shopping outcomes and rushed to Time Square. I was stopped by a "hungry" policeman asking for "belanja".
Policeman : Boleh belanja saya minum?
Me : You mahu macam mana?
Policeman : Belanja minum lah…
Me : Tak apalah.
Me being myself, I did not "belanja" him. So he slapped me with a piece of paper requesting me to attend to the court in March. Basically, I did not do anything wrong. He argued with me saying that I forcefully turn left into Jalan Davis from Jalan Tun Razak in the Kg. Pandan roundabout. I don’t see ANY problem turning left as there was NO signs saying "NO ENTRY" nor "No Left Turn". I know that he was hungry but I would NEVER feed such hungry ghosts who accuse me doing something I did not do. Well, I am all prepared to attend to court on that specific day. Wait for me there!
I purposely went there for a new pair of specs at the usual optical outlet : A-Look (which I like to call it "Yat Look". Haha!)… As I was wearing contact lens, the optician asked us to come back after 30 minutes to give my eyes some rest before inspecting them. So, we went window shopping.
Out of nowhere, we stepped into a crystal shop and the girls were looking for some stones for themselves. By faith, I saw a yellowish stone bracelet… blurly (Remember, I was not wearing any specs). Found out that the stone is called ‘Prehnite’ or "葡萄石" in Chinese. I so liked it that I bought it. Cost me RM39.00. The ‘sifu’ said that the stone can bring calmness and helps in intellectual thinking to the owner. It suits me as I need fresh ideas and creativity at work. I think I’m attracted much to "stone-logy" now and would like to study it during my free time. Mein told me that choosing crystal needs fate. It will "call" upon you when you have fate with the stone… pretty magical!
Image029 My new prehnite bracelet for myself…
After having my eyes checked and everything, we went for tea break while waiting for the specs ready. Went to "Sek Hou" and had some snacks & drinks. Well, basically the service there was not friendly at all. Asking them to take order was like asking them to kill themselves. So, in the future if you have a choice, why not choose else where? Hehe…
Image007 Image008 Image009 Image010 Image011 Image012 Image013 Image015 Image017
1 hour later…
At last! My specs are ready. Got them and dashed to the LG Floor to collect some CNY goodies from Berjaya Time Square. A funny thing happened. The redemption promotion was like this : Any purchase above RM118 is entitled to get a goodie box and some angpow packets. I have 2 receipts which cost more than RM118 each. The lady at the counter told me that only one goodies bag per customer. I was like, "HUH?!" Ok, I’ll get my wife to redeem another box on my behalf loh. You know what?! The lady gave me a "damn" face. I was like "Hello?! This is my right! Consumer’s right! Haha! A smart one that is!" Anyway, we were entitled for those things that YOU offered. So… don’t show me your "ugly" face in front of me!
Image027 The goodies box from Times Square
Wanted to walk back to the car and we saw 8TV personalities doing some CNY shows on stage. Watched for a while and went home happily… but tired… and broke!!! :"(
Image020 The stage show/games…

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