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My First eBay Purchase

Finally, I have made up my mind to try to make an eBay purchase… after quite some time considering the consequences and all… The experience was great and I am lucky enough to find a professional eBay seller.
The service was good and prompt. Please find the chronology of my purchase below :
19 Jan 09
1. Found a piece that I like and reasonably priced.
2. Placed order
20 Jan 09
1. Received email for seller on his bank account.
2. Transferred money to seller.
3. Seller confirmed receipt of payment.
21 Jan 09
1. Item received.
My Comment :
Very good service and I have learnt one thing from this purchase – online purchase is not that dangerous after all. But, of course, you need to find a good seller for the best result.
parcel1 Parcel received…  
parcel2 This is what’s inside the parcel…  
singlet A black singlet added to my wardrobe…

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