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It’s the 13th day of the Lunar New Year and we went to a party on The Chia Clansmen Association of KL. Ma joined this association not long ago. It’s an association for anybody with the surname of Chia "谢". Since it’s not a frequent event, we accompanied ma to this event just to see what kind of activities they do in these kind of associations. I am actually looking for the similar association for the THUMs "谭"… Haha! Anyone knows where can I find them? 🙂
The party is held in their HQ in KL along Jalan Kampong Attap. Food was served to all guests on the rooftop, while their performances were shown in their small hall. It was quite fun… listening to some "amateur" karaoke singers and watching their "same steps" line dance…
Image004 Image006
Image008 Image017
Views from the rooftop…
Image039 Image042
Image015 Image016
Image013 Image024 These were the only thing left AFTER the dinner… BEFORE – food covered the whole full table!!!
Image018 Image009 Image007
Image020 Image014
Image026 Ma joined a game but didn’t win any prizes. But it was fun though…
Image030 Image035 The God of Wealth distributing angpows… RM5 each!!! 🙂

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