From a Slumdog to a Millionaire

I have finally watched the much talked about film, "Slumdog Millionaire" yesterday. Generally, the movie is about a young man called Jamal trying to get out of his poor life by participating in the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game show (India version). But the main point which brought him into the game show was purely, LOVE. He wanted to get a better life for himself and his loved one, Latika. As usual, I would not want to elaborate further on the story plots here. I will be talking about my feelings after watching this film, like how I’ve been doing for other movies.
In the movie, there are a lot of beautiful scenes of India, the beautiful side and the ugly ones as well. I’m not sure if India is really that dirty and muddy but it sure gives an exposure to those who have not been to India of how India looks like. The main idea of what I’ve got from this movie is that everyone desires a better life. The way to success is all around us, like how Jamal got all his answers right in the game show. It’s just that if you are smart enough to grab every opportunities to reach success.

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