Who Wants to be “The Reader”?

One word to describe it – BRILLIANT! I love the storyline, the performers, the plots, the sceneries, the meaning behind the story, the passion, the love, the feeling amongst human, the sacrifice, the dilemma, the doubt, the confussion, the willingness to accept, the willingness to give… (the list will go on…) Frankly speaking, I was first attracted to watch this film because of Kate Winslet’s winning of her first Oscar. I was wondering how did she potray herself in this movie. I was not a fan of hers even after watching Titanic because I thought her performance in Titanic was not that worth mentioning, although she did earned a nomination for the role as Rose. After approximately 11 years after Titanic, I gave it a chance to see how good can she be or how has she improved. And what else can I say?! She’s a great actress. To me, she learns her role perfectly and she knows what is necessary for the movie and what’s not. I am talking about the nude scenes in the movie. I’ve seen movie actresses baring themselves just for the sake of baring, but Kate is different. There is a need for her to bare in this movie to show the intimacy between Hanna (potrayed by Kate) and the young Michael (potrayed by David Kross). I would not want to highlight her nude scenes as they were not the main essence of the movie. The best part that I liked most which she’s successfully carried out was when she was in the court admitting that she was the one who wrote the letter and also the twist when she learned how to write and read later on in the story. Marvellous plot! It was very dramatic and surprising enough to me as I thought that she was the person who actually wrote the letter earlier on shown in the movie. Sorry for this spoiler but it was meaningful enough to me which worth a mention here. I guess for those who are still wondering if this movie is really that good or not? Well, watch it to get the answer.

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