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Our New Bed!

Finally, after all the while living with backache and uncomfortable sleep… Our new bed is finally here! It’s also an item which we’ll be shifting in to the new house when the house is ready… Can you see how anxious and excited are we on our new house?! Haha!

The mattress is a queen size Master Coil with 12 years warranty, free 2 pillows and 1 bolster… For the first time, Mein and I can’t wait for the night to come to enjoy our good night sleep!!! Wuuhooo!!!

Also the bedsheet was chosen because of its bright colour and flowerish design… Grabbed it from Jusco with 70% off! Great offer…

Last week, we’ve been staying in the room, cleaning and rearranging the furniture just to fit the bed in… This morning, we went to Pudu to buy the floor mat. And now, our room is just like what we’ve always wanted it to be! Ooohhh… how great!  We’ve worked hard for it and will be working harder to achieve our next target…!

Image000 Image001

Image002 The freebies we’ll be using after moving…

Image003 Wanna have a look at its warranty card? Hehe

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