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BBQ @ Home

What a great day!!! We had BBQ at home… Chicken wings, catfish, potatoes, taufu pok (beancurd), sausages, watermelon and our "chewy mutton"!!! Yummy yummy… It was indeed very lucky as it would always rain when we wanted to BBQ in our past experience but for today, the weather was cooperative enough! 🙂
Image015 Image017
Preparing our materials – chicken wings and "chewy mutton"…
Image019 Mein preparing the special "salty chilli sauce"…
Image031 WATERMELON : sweet and juicy!!!
Image020 Let’s start the fire!
Image024 All set!
Image034 "Siu gai yik! Ngor ji sai jung yi sik"… 烧鸡翼!我至小忠义食…
Image036 Our "self-made" waterfall…
 Image041 Our BBQ site…
Image037 Can you see the "mer-man"?! Haha! 🙂

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