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Qing! Qing! Qing Ming!

This year’s Qing Ming is done today and we all woke up at 5am and started our journey to Nirwana Memorial Park in Semenyih at 5.30am… The earlist we have ever done. And still there was jam already… But compared to last year, the jam was short, just at the main entrance… lucky!~

When we reached there, it’s all dark… Can’t even see a thing! No road lamps and all… Sigh… But still, there were earlier groups of people there already… praying and offering goods to their dead relatives… OMG!!! Did they camp there overnight or what?!?!? Haha!

As usual, after offering fruits, food and incense to our grandparents (from Pa’s side), we started our "picnic"… Eating the food offered… Not sure is this a tradition for eating the food offered or not but we’ve been doing this since last time… So… MAKAN!!!!!!!! Haha!

nirwana (2) nirwana (4) nirwana (1) 

nirwana (8) nirwana (11) Food and fruits offered…

nirwana (7) nirwana (13)

nirwana (14) nirwana (16)

nirwana (5) We makan or "they" makan??? Hehehe…

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