Day 3 @ Penang

The last day is always the hardest day to go through… I always feel sad leaving Penang and Mein’s parents. And mostly on our last days in Penang, it would be raining… Not sure if this is a sign of "crying" in our heart…
I stayed at Chee Fah’s hotel for a night and in the morning while walking back to the car, after checking out, we saw this Nasi Kandar Line Clear which is really famous Penang located along Jalan Pinang. It’s opened 24 hours daily and you will never got a chance to see no queues in the stall.
Image003 Image010
Later in the day, while Mein went to visit her grandmother, Chee Fah and I went for a short walk around the area. Went to take some photos in Sun Yat-sen Centre. They were closed as it’s a Sunday but we just walked to the statue to snap snap!
Image011 Image014
Image016 Image017
For the first time while driving back to KL, we dropped by Ipoh for dinner. We had "Kai See Hor Fun" (Shreded Chicken with Rice Noodle) and beansprout. While looking for souvenirs, I saw these cute green bean paste biscuits and bought four pieces (RM2 each) – a puppy, a cow, a mouse and a rabbit. This was the  stall which was featured in "Ho Chiak" TV programme lately.

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