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Mother’s Day @ Schokolart

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and had planned for long to bring ma and po for an unforgettable lunch. Browsed through some webs and found a special themed restaurant at called Schokolart. Their specialties are chocolates!!! (which ma loves the most!)… Furthermore, they are having promotion, RM25+ per pax to enjoy their "Choc-Dreams Buffet", entitled to those who make reservation via BFJ website. I was so eager and excited at this promo as I think that it’s rather at a reasonable price for chocoholics like me. After making my booking via the website, I kept on searching online for more information on Schokolart and the map to this place as I am not familiar with Mont Kiara area.

On the actual date, we reached the restaurant on time, 5 minutes before their buffet time starts (3.00-6.00PM). They had our table ready but at the same time, they announced to us 2 news; good and bad. The good news was that we can enjoy free flow of chocolate drinks throughout the buffet period. The bad news was they have limited cakes selections on that day and therefore, they gave us the free flow drinks. I was like, "Huh?! What did you mean?" 

They explained again saying that due to their limited stock of cakes in the house, they were giving us free flow of drinks throughout our stay there as for usual, guests are only entitled for 4 drinks per pax (with unlimited cakes selections). Well, although I felt rather disappointed but we still sat down and gave it a try to dine with them as it was our main intention to dine in Schokolart at the first place.

The only one piece of cake we had – not sure of the name but tasted a bit strawberry and lychee
Chic Choc served hot
We started ordering our first round of drinks. Po wanted a cup of hot drink. So, I ordered a cup of Chic Choc for her. I ordered Love Spice, Mein, Love Essence, May, Soulmate, ma, Cuddle & Coddle and pa, Bizarre Love Triangle. Basically, it took about 15 minutes for all of our drinks to be served to everyone of us. But by the time, the last glass of drinks reached us, everyone had tasted each of the chocolate drinks we ordered served earlier. Haha! My personal favourite would be May’s Soulmate. It has a very rich taste of chocolate plus peanut butter. Tasty and creamy!
Cuddle & Coddle
The chocolate fondue started a bit late as there were some technical problems to the fountain machine but it didn’t take long for us to start our venture, exploring their giant choco fountain. Served with skews of mixed fruits, marshmallows, love letters and biscuits, we made a few rounds to the fountain, digging the light food into the big pool of chocolate, making sure every bit of the food is dipped with sweet and creamy chocolate.
Being a bit curious, seeing 3 slices of cakes laying in their display cabinet, I asked one of their staff (who happens to be their best staff there) if I could have 2 pieces of the cakes for my ma and po. Enlightening enough, he served us the cakes with a friendly smile, apologizing for the insufficient cake supply that they were facing. Frankly speaking, his gesture had lighten up my day. It’s not the food that counts. To me, it’s the service! If everyone serves their guests like how he did, I’m sure everyone will leave with a great big smile on their faces.

Although we did not have the chance to try out much of their cakes, I personally think that it’s a great hang out place for everyone and I am for sure going back for more. I like the service that this particular staff rendered to everyone in the restaurant. However, there were still a few ‘bad apples’ around but that’s no big deal. He had saved the day for Schokolart (although there were no cakes on Mother’s Day!)… Everything would be perfect if only the cakes were there on this special day.
My Ratings for "Choc-Dreams Buffet" on 10 May 2009
Food Selection : 2.5 / 5 (No cakes on Mother’s Day – very disappointing!)
Ambience : 3.5 / 5 (Good lightings with light music)
Comfort : 4 / 5 (Comfortable chairs)
Taste : 3 / 5 (Did not have the chance to taste much of their food due to their limited cake selections)
Price : 3 / 5 (Thanks for BFJ promotion)
Service : 3.5 / 5 (If not for that best service guy, the marks could have been lower)
Address : Schokolart, Block K-01-05, SohoKL @ Solaris Mont Kiara, 2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03-6203 0968
How to go :
1. Go to Jalan Duta from Parliament.
2. Keep left until you reach junction in front of Duta Bus Station.
3. You will see Kompleks Kerajaan and MATRADE on your right. The big mosque will be on your left.
4. Go straight until you reach the last traffic light. You will see Solaris Mont Kiara signboard in front.
5. Turn left and keep right. You will see two apartments on your right.
6. Turn right in between the two apartments.
7. You will see Solaris Mont Kiara area in front on your right.
8. Turn right in between CIMB and Maybank.
9. Start looking for parking. Better park somewhere near the end of the road where you see Cold Storage and Tenji above. Parking in front of the shops is free!
10. Schokolart is just opposite Tenji.  

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