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Burp!!! Dinner in Hao Wei Dao @ Taman Desa

Have always been wanting to blog about this restaurant but no chance… My desire to eat steak for so long have been fulfilled as we came here to have dinner… Well, it’s a restaurant called Hao Wei Dao in Taman Desa. Frankly speaking, I like this place mostly because of their food portion in this restaurant which are superbly HUMONGOUS! Normally, what I do is to order one big plate and share with Mein… Haha!
My favourite dish here is their Chef’s Combo 3. It’s a set which consists of a plate of 2 pieces lamb chop + 1 slice of minute beef steak (or you can choose chicken chop) + a scoop of salad + french fries, which you can add-on a glass of iced lemon tea + ice cream. All these only cost RM22.90 + RM2.00 (for the drink + dessert)… We ordered a glass of iced aloe vera drink which costs RM3.80 in extra. Total : RM30.15 (plus 5% service charge)… Very reasonable…
Usually what Mein and I do is to ask for an extra set of plate + knife + fork… Haha! 🙂
We love the environment here as well cause it’s simply cozy but yet bright for us to see our food, unlike some other restaurants which are so dark that you can’t even see your partner!… Exaggerating a bit lah… Hehe…
The taste of the food, good! I like their sauce, especially the garlic sauce… There are other options like black pepper, butter garlic, mushroom, sweet & sour and etc… If you wish to ask for some extra sauce, you may do so by topping up another RM2.00. If you do not wish to pay the top-up, just don’t finish up the sauce too early… Haha!
It’s located in Taman Desa, near to the Shell petrol station, same row with Watson. Easy to find lah… If you can’t find them, call them at 03-7981 8598
Image001 Image002
Image004 Image005 Mein & our iced aloe vera…
Image010 Me & my HUGE Combo 3!!!
Image008  Can you see my favourite garlic sauce there? 😛
Image011 Our vanilla ice cream… after (BURP!) our HUGE meal…

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