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First Time Running in Putrajaya

It’s my first time running in Putrajaya. Participated in the Men’s Health Run 09 with my usual running partner, CF and 2 other newbies, Jeff and Khoon. Ip, Mein and May ran in the fun run. Got quite a lot of free goodies but not as many as last year. Anyway, I found that it wasn’t easy to run in Putrajaya and i dislike the traffic there. There are some points that the organizer could take note for improvements :
1) Traffic – Although there were a lot of traffic police there to take care of the flow. But, I find it disturbing with all the cars queuing so long and some even horned while we were running and puffing. That’s not good!
2) Water stations – The workers who take care of the water stations were quite slow and I had to stopped for awhile to wait for a cup of water. That’s not good!
3) 7UP Revive – This sponsor was particularly "stingy". When I reached the finishing line, it was still early but there were no more cold 7UP Revive for us. Who took them all? They should have prepared more… for the sake of creating brand awareness to the people there. That’s not good!
4) Lucky draw – No lucky draw this round?! That’s not good!
My initial target was to get a medal in this run. There were only 75 medals for grab for each category. However, sad enough, I did not manage to get one. However, I managed to conquer the full 11.5km in 1 hr 12 mins. That’s not a bad record! But, could have been better. Try again next year…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         4 of us in Category A…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         They were in Category F (Fun Run)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Smart runners…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The "super" pair…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Loads of goodie bags!!!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The "unofficial" spokesperson for Nature’s Valley???
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sausage 1901…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Grab ’em all!!!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Me and the crowd…

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