Website Review : Propwall

Propwall is a property website which I find it quite interesting, especially for those who are looking for a house, condominium, apartment, shop lots, office or even factory. They’ve done a great job in compiling a whole bank of database of properties where we can search for information. The interesting part is that you can do a search of your own desired property and its information will pop up in no time!


Besides that, you may also search properties according to your desired area. For instance, if you are looking for properties in Mont Kiara area, all you need to do is to key-in the some keywords (e.g. : Mont Kiara) in the search engine and the list of properties will appear in the next minute. Isn’t that easy?!


After clicking on the link of your preferred property, they will display details of the property and its features. Some may come with pictures as well. Actually, the part I like the most is the pictures included. They give me an idea how the property would look like and what to expect from it, before going there to survey the property physically.


Some picture guides :


Step 1 : Key-in "Mont Kiara" in the search engine.


Step 2  : List of properties in Mont Kiara appears.


Step 3 : Click on one of the properties and view its information & pictures.


View the Top 10 properties in Mont Kiara in Propwall :

1. Kiaraville

2. Mont Kiara Damai

3. Kiara 1888

4. Kiaramas Ayuria

5. Kiaramas Sutera

6. Kiara Hills

7. Hijauan Kiara

8. Kiaramas Cendana

9. Kiara Designer Suites

10. Mont Kiara Sophia


There’s also an “Answers” tab which link you to some frequently asked questions and answers posted by some prospects, owners and other users of the site. It’s similar to a forum for the website users to discuss about properties. Quite interesting.


Feeling excited already? Click here for more info.

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