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A Rude Awakening : A Fallen Tree on the Kitchen Roof

It was 5AM and was raining the whole night. Not heavy rain but drizzling… I heard a long screeching sound, followed by leaves scattering sound… I quickly opened the window and saw shadows of leaves waving and heard a not-so-loud thud sound. GOSH! It was the tree! We knew this tall tree would fall one day and this day came! I was so worried that it would break the roof of our kitchen. I dashed down to the kitchen and luckily it was not broken. It was dark outside. All I could see was shadows of leaves waving.
I went online to search for the contact number to DBKL for assistance. It was Sunday. There must be someone working today as this is kinda an emergency. Good enough, after a thorough search on the Net. I found the contact to DBKL 24 hrs assistance service for fallen trees (contact no. below). This number was such a relieve to my heart.
After calling them around 730AM, they sent someone to help. They reached us at around 9AM. Good enough, they cleared the mess (kind of!)… Leaving those leftovers behind my house yard. It’s ok. They advised to go the the nearest DBKL branch (which is in Kuchai Lama) to fill in a complain form to get someone to clear the leftovers. I’m fine with that. Thanks to them for helping us clearing the heavy-duty tree early in a Sunday morning.
Actually the huge tree branch fell right on my neighbour’s kitchen rooftop. Lucky enough a small tree and the telephone cables saved the rooftop from being serious damages. We are so lucky to have everyone in the house safe and sound.
The big tree branch on my neighbour’s kitchen rooftop…
DBKL heroes clearing up the mess…
A lot of sawing and pulling in action…

The messy leftover in my yard…
Important contact no. :
Jabatan Seni Taman & Kawalan Pembersihan Bandar, Bahagian Pengurusan Pokok Rendang (24 hrs) : 03-2693 4132


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