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A Minor Accident @ Spg Ampat, Melaka

We were about to reach the Simpang Ampat toll to come back to KL but were stuck in a massive jam due to an accident at the roundabout. It was between a Proton Saga and a big lorry. We were two cars behind. We saw 2 elderly makciks coming out from the car, shaking. Pity them.
As both sides of the narrow road were blocked, the car in front of me drove its way through from the left side on the grass lane and managed through. I followed BUT bad enough, I heard a loud thud sound when trying to escape on the grass lane. Mein went down and saw engine oil spraying out from my car. Trying to stay calm, I stopped and parked the car at a safe spot. The hole was caused by a short steel left on the grass ground. It used to be a pole there but being cut and the short "leftover" remained there.
It was very dark as it’s almost midnight already. All I could see was engine oil spraying out from the tank. I called Chee Seng (a friend who’s staying there) for assistance. At the same time, I called a few other people like my car insurance agent, a tow truck provider, an ex-colleague and others.
After Chee Seng arrived, he gave me a contact number to a tow truck provider in Melaka called Alex Tan. Good enough, everything settled quick with their help. Stayed another night at Chee Seng’s house and took a day off.
The damage at the engine oil tank…
The workshop we sent our car…

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