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I was walking passing a convenient store just now and I saw a mother holding her child’s hand. Judging by the clothes they were wearing, they do not look rich. There were dirt on the child’s clothes too. The child pointed at a little bag which did not look appealing to me, signalling to the mother asking her to buy it for him. It’s green coloured bag with cartoon prints on it. The mother looked at the bag for awhile, considering to buy it for him or not. It might not cost much but it took a while for the mother to decide. I suddenly felt so touched with this scenario. Well, you might be asking what’s so touching about it?
Looking at the incident, I asked myself, am I satisfied with my current living? Is everyone satisfied with their own life? I believe a lot of you might be having so much dissatisfaction in your current life. But what about those who are less fortunate than us? You might be chasing after an LV bag (or other branded names). But have you ever think of those who do not even know what is an LV? All they know are paper bags or plastic bags. They couldn’t care less of what’s holding in your hand. They are so much happy with the cartoon-printed bag which might cost less than a few Ringgit. Why are we so not satisfied, where as those who are less rich could feel so much joy and happiness with just something which is so much less costly?
You might be thinking "Because they do not have a choice. They are poor and can’t afford expensive stuff!".
BUT do you have a choice?
YES! You have a choice.
You can choose either to : "Be happy with what you have" OR "Be not happy with what you do not have".

2 thoughts on “Satisfied?”

  1. totally agreed with what u mentioned;) "Be happy with what you have" OR "Be not happy with what you do not have".Wishing u n mein have great year ahead;)


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