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It’s a Lazy Day Today

A view from where I’m sitting at now…
Mein is working this weekend… "All by myself… Don’t wana be… All by myself… anymore…" (Mulalah tu, sesi karaoke SS dia)
Well, it’s been quite some time I did not give myself such free time to hang around in the ‘hot’ juicebar in the gym… (hot due to air-cond problem)… with Mariah Carey’s latest songs playing non-stop at the background… (which is quite annoying though)… Anyhow, managed to catch up some updates of my frequently-visited blogs… Quite surprised to read Wilson’s blog… Thanks for the special mention and I will still continue haunt you, don’t worry ya! ; ) BTW, Wilson my next run would be on 27 March 2010 in Cyberjaya. Yes, the Energizer Night Race 2010. I’m looking forward for you to join in the fun any time soon…
Also got to know that AprilCherrie has got her second child (a boy) already… She’s someone I do not know and I’m sure she doesn’t know me… But I started reading her blog for quite some time already.
I can’t imagine how long it’s been not reading people’s blogs daily… I used to do that last time when I was more free… I’m now fully occupied at work most of the time and I’m enjoying such life though. At least I know I’m not a lazy pig in the office. Haha! (Siapa makan cili, terasalah pedasnya….)
I guess it’s time for me to go now. Enjoy your weekend everyone! Adios~!

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