A New Blog in Town – Mont Kiara Blog


I have come across this blog called Mont Kiara Properties. I find it very much informative and useful, especially for those who are looking for properties around Kuala Lumpur area. There are a few posts in the blog which actually grabbed my attention. Read “Mont Kiara vs KLCC – Which is Better?” and “Investing in KLCC Properties – Pros and Cons”. You will find a whole list of important facts and points for your consideration and evaluation to help you in making decision to purchase a property in KL. The blogger also shares his/her thoughts on the topics above.
For people who are looking for properties in KL for investment, you guys might want to have a glance at this blog first. It may not be the best one but it is one of the useful ones I prefer. For foreign investors and expats (especially), do read through the posts for more information while doing your surveys and research before purchasing properties in town. These facts are essential for you as you are investing in our country and will be living here soon after making purchase. By the way, welcome to Malaysia!
I am looking forward for more posts from the blogger and, of course, more pictures! So now, here you are : Mont Kiara blog.

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