Travel Jogja!

For almost a week (6 days to be exact) from 31 March – 5 April 2011, we traveled Jogja. It was a great experience in the land of Java. We met great people, saw beautiful places, smelled the fresh air, what else could we ask for?

Gunung Merapi being covered by thick clouds…

Feast of a King for us EVERYDAY!

The stay in  Malioboro Ibis Hotel was wonderful. It’s decent, comfortable and conveniently just besides the busiest street of Malioboro and a shopping mall. The spa experience there was eventually relishing but it could be better if we were placed in the actual spa room instead of one of the hotel rooms. A dip in the swimming pool at night was great too. 100% relax and work-free!

The lobby of Ibis Hotel

Been to one of the wondrous temple, Borobudur. The architecture was really amazing! You need to see it for yourself. Anyway, my favourite place was actually the whole stretch of Malioboro street. You’ll never feel bored strolling along it every night! (That’s what I did there).

The busy street of Malioboro

A day before our trip to the Borobudur, its main connecting bridge fell and collapsed by the volcanic rocks that flow down from the river. We had to walk across another bridge to get on a van to get to Borobudur. I am definitely praising their government for their prompt action in making sure tourists can reach their destination in such a situation.

Borobudur behind us…

Other places like The Water Palace, Mendut Temple, Parang Tritis beach, The Solo Palace, Pasar Beringharjo & the Gembira Loka Zoo were one of its kind too! Pasar Beringharjo is a market where you can find any types of souvenirs you want to bring back home. The animals in Gembira Loka Zoo are suffering and they seriously need help. Can someone please help them?

Mendut Temple… wait til you go inside…

Parang Tritis beach… BEAUTIFUL~!

A stall selling “Bak Piah” in front of Pasar Beringharjo…

Gembira Loka Zoo – animals there need help!

Special mention : our guide, Mr Roy from Pusaka Tours, has done a wonderful job and we are really grateful for him to be such a responsible person and made our trip a memorable one. To us, he is a 5-star guide! Thank you, Mr Roy. We will definitely come back to Jogja.

Thank you for your great job! Applause!

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