Our Wedding

Wedding Cookies from the Oven

Counting down to our wedding day, we are preparing something special for our guests – home-made wedding cookies. It is not my first time baking, but it was for Mein. She’s had fun playing around with those flour and dough. It was my first time baking at our own home. The feeling is really undescribable.

“There you go! In the oven that is!”

The timing and temperature are very important. Stay alert guys!

Well done! Nicely baked and left a side for cooling down…

Let the artist do her job. Decorating her masterpieces with icing sugar. It’s my first time doing this. It’s pure fun! You guys should try it as well. Easy to make. Just whip 1 egg white until fluffy. Add in icing sugar until mixture becomes creamy. Add in 1-2 drops of prefered colouring for colour.

Half way through… Wishing “Thank U” to our guests…

Tadaa…! Our first batch of artwork and masterpieces… Which is your favourite?

Perfect picture moment! Two lovey doveys with their cookies… ready to be packed and given to the guests…

23 October 2011 – We baked our 2nd batch of cookies which is the exact ones that we distributed to our guests in the reception…

After packing :

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