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Our 3D Experience – Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace

Wow wow wow! Won a pair of tickets to watch Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace 3D complimentary of @Naza_World and @smfaisal10 via Twitter and FB contest.

Both of us went to GSC Mid Valley to enjoy our movie, which also came with popcorn and coke. It has been quite some time we both did not go for movies. Been busy busy lately and this was like a mini short break we long awaited.

It was freezing in the cinema and I was shaking the whole time. The seats we had was exactly under the air ventilator. Overall, the movie was quite ok as I am not a sci-fi movie fan. Furthermore, it was too cold to be 100% comfortable. All I was thinking about was, “When will it finish? I wanna go back.” (shaking)

Mein, in 3D glasses, smiling with her snacks…

Camwhoring in the glasses… 

It was a good time which we both wanted. Despite being near frozen, we both enjoyed the moment very much.

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